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10 Home Technology Gadgets That You Need in 2021

Turning your home into a smart home makes it just that little more livable, luxurious, and lively. Over recent years, more and more homeowners are indulging in automated appliances and devices that you can control from anywhere. The advancement in technology has meant that the future of home is futuristic, and each home has adorned gadgets that have changed people’s lifestyles. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top 10 must-have home technology gadgets of 2021.

  1. Robot Vacuum Cleaners:

Make cleaning and mopping the floors easier than ever by investing in a robot vacuum cleaner. A pioneer in the field of engineering, the robots have a system that detects and navigates around obstacles to leave your home squeaky clean. It has different modes for various cleaning types, and at night it returns to its station where it charges. This smart device also comes with a cleaning schedule so you can set the cleaning function to automatic.

  1. Bediator:

If you struggle to get your bedroom to a perfect temperature, then Bediator is just for you. The device uses smart room heating to intelligently provide the perfect room temperature during bitterly cold months. It is a sophisticated radiator that turns into a bed with the flip of a switch and is also energy efficient as it uses LED technology.

  1. Smart Faucet:

Smart faucets are environmentally friendly and can save up to 15,000 gallons (about twice the volume of a large U-Haul truck) per unit annually. This innovative piece of technology allows you to conserve energy and water sources, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, the faucet is extremely hygienic as it works without touch- and is perfect for children, the elderly and disabled.

  1. Wireless Door/Window Sensor:

Monitor your window and door security by investing in a wireless sensor. Alerting you to any intrusive activity, you can also monitor your doors remotely via a smartphone app. You also have the option to lock your doors and windows from wherever you are in the world.

  1. Smart Body Analyser:

This gadget is the complete health tracking scale. Although it initially appears to be a regular weighing scale, it provides a multitude of detailed health data, from body fat percentage, room air quality, heart rate and weight. The data can then by synchronised to your smartphone and works overall as a holistic health scale that helps you care for your body in the best way possible.

  1. Eco Dish Cleaner:

A revolutionary kitchen item. The Eco Cleaner cleans dishes by ionizing food particles, which is powered by ultrasonic waves. This eco-friendly gadget creates healthy soil from your food waste. A compact and portable gadget, it also uses solar technology to charge the battery which makes it sustainable.

  1. Air Purifier:

Help purify the air in your home and appropriate humidity levels throughout your property. Featuring an aroma diffusion function that removes foul odours from the room, it is great for circulating high quality air. The Ecomgear is a device that is energy efficient, easily refillable, and extremely portable.

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