Maternity Style Staples: Tips To Stretch Your Closet + Budget

Once I got through the first semester, and my belly started to actually grow, is when I started thinking of having to purchase dreaded maternity clothes. I didn’t want to get sucked into spending tons of money on clothing that is insanely overpriced and, realistically, would only get worn for a few months. For the most part, the majority of pregnant women are going to need a wardrobe that takes them through 2 weather seasons, since they can get away with wearing regular clothing for the first trimester.

I did purchase a few non-fashion items in my first trimester which I found essential and would use throughout my pregnancy as well as after. However, when it comes to maternity clothing, it seems like wearing most of what’s available after pregnancy, could look a bit odd.

When shopping for maternity clothing, I found that prices range from average to just plain ridiculous. So, although it took a bit of searching (and self restraint to not blow all my cash) I managed to shop my own closet and purchase items that look great during pregnancy and will be just as stylish to wear postpartum.



These are perfect for layering with sweaters, shirts, and blazers. They have a whole lot of stretch and the extra length helps to keep your belly from showing a bit of skin once you’re baby bump is pretty plump. | $7 CAD, Old Navy (on sale)



Swing dresses are great and will fit your bump all the way through your pregnancy since they are cut in an A-line shape and the style naturally has extra fabric, allowing lot’s of room for belly growth. They look great with just about any boot, shoe, or sandal. I’ve been wearing mine since the first trimester and still wearing it proudly. | $48.96 CAD on sale at The GAP



This was one of my maternity wear purchases. It has enough fabric to allow belly growth throughout your entire pregnancy, but it’s definitely a piece you can wear post par-tum, untied at the waist and worn lose with a blazer. | $34.97 CAD from Motherhood Maternity (on sale plus an extra 30% off)



Great for layering over tank tops and dresses on cooler days or days when you don’t really need a jacket but there’s still a coolness in the breeze. Another piece you can wear during and after pregnancy. | $15 CAD from Old Navy (on sale)



I didn’t think I would have ended up purchasing a pair of maternity jeans or pants since I still wear my other jeans and pants with the Belly Band, but there have been times when I’ve gone away on weekend trips and totally forgot to pack them (pregnancy brain is real)! So, I bought a pair of jeans to avoid THAT happening again. | $50 CAD at Old Navy



Jersey is great because it has a lot of stretch. You can wear it dressed up or down. It has lots of length to it which will accommodate a growing belly, and you won’t end up with a mini skirt by your third trimester. | $16 CAD at Old Navy (on sale)



These I already owned before becoming pregnant. During my second trimester, I was still able to button these up, but they we’re much cuter paired with a skinny belt at the waist. Now that I’m in my third trimester, I leave them open layered with a tank top underneath or they can be tied at the top your belly, paired with jeans, shorts, or a jersey pencil skirt for a summer weekend look. | $17.50 CAD at Old Navy (on sale)



Sometimes you just want to be in something lose and non-constricting. The cocoon dress is perfect for just those days. This one was found at ASOS from their maternity line, but one that can be worn after pregnancy, especially when you can expect to be a bit sore after giving birth and no longer feeling that pregnancy glow. | $25.81 CAD at ASOS (on sale)



The nice thing about this tee is that it’s very light weight and it doesn’t have so much extra material that I can’t make it work after my pregnancy. It can even be layered with a jean jacket or blazer. Once the baby arrives I’ll still have plenty of time to sport this with a pair of jeans or shorts, tucked or untucked. Bonus, it will be perfect for feeding time. | $34.95 CAD at The GAP



Just like the Cold Shoulder Tee, this Off Shoulder Top is versatile enough to wear during and post pregnancy. It could even be a cute cover-up beach or pool side. Again, great for feeding time. | $37.43 CAD at ASOS



This I bought in a regular fit from Old Navy. It’s something I knew would have enough stretch to wear during pregnancy, and that I can wear after as well. Pair it with sneakers or jean jacket, sandals, and woven fedora. | $15 CAD from Old Navy (on sale)


These are just about all the pieces I’ve bought to give me some wardrobe options during pregnancy.  Almost all of them were purchased on sale (and during Super Cash and GAP Cash days) to avoid spending too much. I think each piece cost $45 or less, with the exception of maternity bras. A bonus is that I can continue to wear about 85% of these items post-pregnancy.



The most comfortable maternity and nursing bra

Jean shorts that grow with your bump

Baby shower dress option #1

Baby shower dress option #2

Super cute form fitting dress for when you want to show-off your bump

A dress to take your bump from day to night

Memory foam sandals for when all you want is comfort for your swollen feet in your last pregnancy months

Softspun knit v-neck midi dress

Make My Belly Fit jacket extender growing belly bumps during the colder months

Super comfy thong undies that don’t give you sausage lines

Shorts for bumming around the house

Great everyday basics

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