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4 Reasons You Should Move to Little Rock

Little Rock rocks.

And not just a little. Little Rock rocks a lot.

Considering a change of scenery? Here are four reasons why you should think about moving to Little Rock.

Affordable Cost of Living

One thing any realtor with Little Rock houses for sale can tell you is that Arkansas has some of the best property prices in the US. The average cost of a home in Little Rock is around $143,000, while the average cost of rent is just $750 a month. On top of that, the property taxes are extremely low.

More importantly, the cost of living in Little Rock is very affordable, around 9% lower than the national average. That’s because of the area’s rich abundance of natural resources, including everything from cattle and poultry to cotton, lumber, soybeans, and rice. This means fewer import taxes and lower transportation costs, which equates to cheaper groceries and other store-bought goods.

Proximity to Major Cities

Little Rock isn’t quite as “little” as its name implies. Even still, you might find yourself itching for a weekend in one of South’s more famous “big cities,” such as Memphis, Tennessee, or Dallas, Texas. Fortunately, Little Rock is perfectly positioned so that those same major metropolises are just a couple hours away by car. That makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of big city life without worrying about the big city cost of living.

If that’s not enough, Little Rock has Clinton National Airport, making travel all across the country for vacations, business, or family get-togethers a piece of cake. Nonstop flights are available to Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Las Vegas, and more.

Attractions and Activities

You don’t need to hop on an airplane to find world-class entertainment when you live in Little Rock. There’s plenty of attractions and activities right in your own backyard. Pinnacle Mountain State Park offers some of the best hiking trails in the state, and the Arkansas Museum of Fine Art (formerly known as the Arkansas Art Center) is a revolving door of exhibits, interactive demonstrations, and live performances.

If you’re into sports, you can enjoy both minor league and college games thanks to the Arkansas Travellers baseball team and the Arkansas Razorbacks football team. More of a movie buff? The Little Rock Film Festival is an annual five-day showcase for both local and internationally lensed movies, founded by a pair of Emmy-nominated filmmakers.

The River Market District

Perhaps Little Rock’s most beloved local feature, the River Market District could have been included in the section above, but it really deserves to be highlighted on its own. Many area natives consider it the heart of the city, and it’s hard to argue with them. Not that you’d want to.

Bringing together a farmers market, a public park, an amphitheater, and several artisan boutiques, there’s always something to see and do at the River Market. Catch some live music while enjoying an outdoor picnic of delicious homegrown dishes with ingredients sourced from local farms, then browse a wide array of arts, crafts, and fashions. All while strolling along the scenic banks of the Arkansas River.

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