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4 top strategies for promoting your cat sitting services

Cats have been revered and loved as pets since times immemorial. They were held in high regard in the days of ancient egypt and spread out to the rest of the world where they have been beloved pets since then. People love their funny antics and love to have them around in their homes. They are a bit high maintenance and require special care and attention to ensure they are happy and satisfied. Pet owners often manage to do so but sometimes they have to be away from them for extended periods of time.

For times like these, there exist cat sitting services. Professionals who are well versed with cat behavior and their needs to look after them while their owners are away. The concept is the same as baby sitting except for cats. As a cat sitter, you will always have work but only if you promote yourself so people can know about you. Here are some tips on that regard.

Use Posters

An excellent way to promote your cat sitting business is by using posters and flyers. These will have a plethora of uses both online and offline. Visual content always has better engagement than pure text and people don’t have time in their routines and read a few paragraphs by someone wishing to advertise their services. This is where posters reign supreme since they deliver the message with minimal text, in a fun and engaging way.

You can make these posters easily using PosterMyWall’s pet sitting flyer templates. These are professionally made templates and number in the hundreds. You can take one, modify it, download, and send it for printing or post online. All it takes is a few minutes of effort which even a complete novice can do. The best part is, you don’t even need to hire a graphics designer.

Post On Social Media

Social media is a small business’ best friend for promotion and marketing. It costs nothing to post and you can reach out to thousands in a few taps of your phone screen. To fully take advantage of this, limit yourself to a few social media platforms and focus on them. Facebook and Instagram are best for your niche as you can create business accounts and pages for your cat sitting services. Moreover, you can include a call to action in your page description where people can book appointments.

For your posts, focus on visual elements and use them to deliver the information your clients may need. People will be scrolling past posts in seconds, so you only have that amount of time to get your information across. Add your logo, the range of services you offer, contact information, and some graphical elements such a picture of cats to visually tell the viewer what the post is about.

Partner With Pet Groomers And Vets

An excellent place to get cat sitting clients is at pet groomers and vet clinics where pet owners frequently visit. Any marketing collateral put up in these locations will have a higher engagement rate than being put up in other areas. See which groomers and vets are around your area and speak to them about partnering with them.

They can put up your marketing collateral and refer their clients to you for cat sitting, and you can recommend them for grooming and vet services. This is a two way partnership which benefits everyone, cat owners, groomers, and vets.

Online Listings

Many directories exist online where people can list their businesses and such which people can then look up and find the businesses and services they need. The concept is based on the yellow page books of old which are now converted to an online medium. You can sign up and have your cat sitting business listed there as a possible option for anyone who may need it.

Your business will need to be listed on Google as well along with a location point so anyone googling can find it. So consider creating a page for that too.

Final Thoughts…

Cat and dog sitting services are always in demand because while people get pets, they rarely have the time to spend with them throughout the day due to work. As such, they need someone to watch their pets so they don’t harm themselves or their property. So while there is demand for your services, people can’t avail them if they don’t know about your business. But with the strategies listed above, you will have a chance of doing exactly that.

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