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9 Proven ways to Grow Long & Healthy Hair

Long and healthy hair is one of our dreams, but growing it can be quite a task. Long hair lovers are always looking for remedies and methods to grow their hair and make it healthier. There are plenty of ways and treatments for you to grow your hair and make it look good. If you do not have the slightest idea about it and want good treatments for your hair, then you should book yourself an appointment with Salon & Spa Booking App just by sitting at your home in just a few clicks.

9 Ways to Grow long and healthy hair

When you wish to grow long and healthy hair, the process can take a lot of time, which is why you should choose the best ways to grow long and healthy hair. So, let’s have a look at some of the most effective ways to grow healthy hair:

  1. Get frequent trimmings

It may seem a little opposing to you, but getting timely trims is one of the best ways to grow long hair. It may not speed up the process, but it will help you get rid of the split ends that block your hair from growing. A split end that breaks can lead to hair losing length, its shine and smoothness too. This is why trimming is a very vital step if you wish to have lengthy hair.

  1. Distribute the natural oil of your hair

Going to sleep with unbrushed hair may seem a good idea when you feel tired, but providing your hair with some strokes can be very useful for its health. You can use a good bristle brush to distribute the oils in a proper proportion on your hair, so it remains naturally moisturized. This simple step every night will help in increasing circulation, which will make your scalp healthier and help you grow long hair.

  1. Consume the right foods

Getting long and healthy hair depends on the products you apply to your hair and relies upon what you put inside your body. To achieve good hair growth, you require to feed the hair from the inside, so you need to consume food with rich proteins, which is the building element of hairs. It also includes meat and other sources. You should also add Vitamin A, C. and E and minerals like zinc, iron and others in your food.

  1. Include a vitamin in your morning routine

If consuming vitamins in your food is not enough for your hair, you should include a supplement in your morning routine to create all the difference you require. It contains Vital vitamins like biotin, Vitamin B and C that support hair health.

  1. Avoid daily ShampooShampoo

Regular shampooing your hair is not recommended by the experts. Applying Shampoo daily may affect the roots of your hair and can cause hair fall. So, applying ShampooShampoo two to three times a week lets your natural oils penetrate your hair, letting it hydrate and repair itself, which leads to thicker and longer hair.

  1. Hydrate and condition your hair on a timely basis

Covering your hair strands with a silky deep conditioner or a hair mask frequently can assist you in preventing damage and detangling the strands. Lather a hair mask or conditioner from root to tip once a week. It will assist you in stimulating blood circulation for encouraging stronger and longer hair in no time.

  1. Use Minoxidil

You can take the assistance of minoxidil. It is an active ingredient and is FDA approved, and is proven to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. You can apply this on hair if you want promising results for long and healthy hair.

  1. Avoid overheating your hair.

Stop over-styling your hair. It may completely damage your hair which eventually will stop the growth of your hair. If you use heat, you must decrease the temperature and always apply a heat protector to not lead to breakage of hair and create frizz.

  1. Avoid Colouring

Avoid excessive coloring in your hair. The chemicals present in it might affect the quality of hair. So, to gain long hair and maintain its quality, you must not apply excessive coloring to your hair. The key to long hair is the care and comfort that you provide to your hair.


Advantages of booking appointments through salon & spa booking app

It has become extremely easy for us today to book salon services from the comfort of our home through the assistance of a beauty appointment app. You now do not have to step outside your house to fix a salon appointment. Let’s look at some of the advantages of booking appointments through the Salon & Spa booking app.

  • You do not have to wait in the crowd for long hours during peak hours. Instead, you can easily book an appointment with such a solution from the comfort of your home and save a lot of time.
  • You can make the payment easily through the payment gateways of salon & spa booking apps.
  • You will get notified about various discounts and offers that are available in salons on time.
  • You can go through the reviews of other customers before selecting a salon or any service, which assists you in making the right decision.


How to book services from salon & spa booking app

With the rise in technology, it has become very comfortable to fix appointments through the beauty appointment app. So be it any service you want to book, you don’t have to go down to the salon. Instead, you can comfortably do it by sitting at your place. Here are the steps that you need to follow for booking an appointment in a salon app:

Step 1: Download the application and search for the best salon you want to receive services from.

Step 2: After searching the service, select the service you want to go for

Step 3: After selecting the service, you have to select the timing that applies to you

Step 4: After selecting the timing, click book on the app, and you have got yourself a salon service easily by sitting at your home.



Almost all of us are fond of long hair, so we should know to get them is a daunting task. We have to take care of our hair in every way so that we do not have obstacles while growing out hair. The ways mentioned above are some of the most effective ways and should be tried by each of us. You can also visit salons by booking through the beauty appointment app to go through some procedures that will help us in getting long and healthy hair.

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