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Hi – Welcome to Flour + Paper! A blog about living a fulfilling, balanced life by letting the flow of life take you on the journey that is meant for you. You know what I’m talking about. That desire and life passion that makes you feel light and giddy throughout.


“Consider becoming the type of energy that no matter where you go,

you always add value to the faces and places around you.”


I’m Aliyyah (that’s me on the right), a 30-something aspiring Multi-Passionate Multi-Preneur, first-time mom to the happiest baby boy, Evan, and wife to the most genuinely sweetest guy ever, Tom. We are enjoying our new home and growing new roots in Hamilton, ON.

I have an interest in a multitude of things and am a fan of personal growth through reflection, self care, wellness, and healthy habits.  Spirituality, good food, crafting, fitness, and personal relationships are some the tools I use to help me maintain an ever-evolving organized balance in my life. I hope that by sharing my own journey here, you can find what you need to create a fulfilling, balance in your life too.



A curation of my favourite recipes, pastimes, and books of wisdom, mixed in with personal experiences on motherhood.

Tidbits and resources on being an entrepreneur and work-from-home mommy.

Self-care tips for a work-life-wellness balance.



I was born on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean.

Just recently I decided to just go for it and start my own business so that I can live the balanced life I’ve always said I wanted for my family and self.

I love the outdoors but I don’t like the bugs and all the creepy crawly, scary things that come with it.

Recently, I find myself wanting to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

I graduated from Sheridan College with a Degree in Interior Design.

I taught myself how to bake allergen-free goodies.

Running an online shop in the near future, owning a mixed rental property business in the long-term, living financially stress-free life while working smarter, and lots of tropical vacations, are on the top of my dream list (and Tom’s).

I’m obsessed with pretty details in everything, from food presentation, fashion accessories, and home décor.

I’m into healing crystals and believe everything carries an energy.

My sweet tooth often gets the best of me.

Favourite mythical creature = Unicorn

Spirit animal = Phoenix



I originally started Flour + Paper in 2014 as a place to share my allergen-free baking projects and arts and craft ventures, but always had a bigger vision of having a café-boutique shop to combine both of these interests. I soon found myself wanting to write about more than baking and crafts, so I began sharing personal experiences that others might relate to.

Flour + Paper continues to evolve, and I hope you will visit often to see what’s new. Most of all, I hope you visit Flour + Paper when you need a little escape from the “everyday” and can get lost in the comfort of similar experiences and the joys of trying new things.

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I will never endorse an idea, person, product, or brand that I don’t wholeheartedly believe in or love. Having said this, being Canadian, I love discovering homegrown brands and artisans of unique handmade goods and products, especially one’s that are eco-friendly.