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All you need to know about apartment painting in Ringsted

It would help if you looked at maling af lejlighed like going out for dinner. You have two choices: either opt for a hot dog wagon, give some money and be done with it, or you can dress up nicely, go to a restaurant with a good ambience and spend some quality time. Basically, in the end, it comes down to how much effort, money and time you wish to pay.

Most people prefer to go for the cheap option. This means painting the apartment themselves. If your ceilings and walls are in good shape, you can paint your apartment on your own.

Get the right kind of supplies.

The most challenging aspect of the painting is possibly getting the right type and amount of materials needed for the painting work. If you are not in the profession of painting houses, the best option for you would be to measure your ceiling and wall and take the measurements to the store. The store people will give you the exact quantities of materials you will need.

Choose the right kind of paint. 

Go for water-based latex flat paint in case of ceilings, matte finish for walls and semi-gloss or eggshell for doors. Don’t be afraid to buy extra as most stores allow the return of anything that has not been opened. Remember to buy good quality brushes. If you go for a bad quality brush, you will have to stop picking the bristles from your paint constantly. Not a good experience.

Get the following items:

  • an angled paintbrush,
  • a paint pan,
  • plastic tray liner
  • roller covers
  • 9-inch roller handle
  • Fibreglass mesh tape to cover up the cracks
  • plastic drop cloths to cover furniture.

Aside from these, a few other essential supplies that you will need are:

  • Quart of latex primer
  • Clamp-on electric light fixture
  • 2 inch masking tape and nonstick painters blue tape
  • Plenty of rugs
  • Screwdrivers
  • Step ladder
  • Gloves
  • Old T-shirt, jeans, old shoes, et cetera. Items you are ready to get dirty
  • Standing fan
  • An extension pole that can attach to your roller so you can paint the regions where your hand won’t reach.

Hiring others

After reading this long list, you may have decided to not paint your apartment by yourself. You can always hire people to paint your house for you. Get a painting estimate, confirm the credentials of your painter and describe to your painter what you need them to do. Finally, decide on a payment plan. Some painters may request a downpayment, and the rest you can pay once the job is done. You can either choose a malermester Ringsted to do the whole apartment, or you can opt for small painting companies that can get the job done quickly.

Whichever route you decide to go, whether DIY or hiring professionals to get your apartment painted, have a clear idea in mind of how you want your apartment to look once the painting is done.

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