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Allied Moulded Electrical Enclosure Modification Capabilities

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing your electrical enclosures from one vendor, then spend the time and costs to have it shipped and modified by a 3rd-party fabricator. For example, a motor control or power electrical enclosure will need a variety of pushbuttons, window cutouts, and cabinet labels that are rarely found in an off-the-shelf electrical enclosure. At Allied Moulded, our enclosure modification capabilities make it easy to get fully customized electrical enclosures from one source – with fast and precise results.

Custom holes and cutouts

When you partner with Allied Moulded Products Inc. as your industrial electrical cabinet supplier, we save you time and money with in-house panel customization that eliminates secondary handling by machine shops or sheet metal fabricators. This includes additional cutouts and tapped holes for mounting operator controls and indicators. We custom fabricate your fiberglass or polycarbonate electrical enclosure to precisely meet your electrical panel needs.

Our facilities include a wide range of CNC routers, machine tooling, and fixtures to accurately position operator controls to fit your specific operations. Custom holes and cutouts are the most requested electrical enclosure modification requested by Allied customers.

Silkscreen printing of cabinet labels

The National Electrical Code (NEC) has clear guidelines on cabinet labeling and component tagging. To assist in field troubleshooting, Allied Moulded will silkscreen print appropriate labels, in the right positions as indicated on your engineer’s design and layout drawings. Silkscreen printing lays down up to 10 times more ink than digitally printed stickers.

Silkscreen printing produces brighter and sharper component labels, and you never have to worry about a tag peeling or scratching off.

Electrical cabinet color matching

It doesn’t matter if you want an ANSI #60 gray, green, or a non-standard paint color for your electrical enclosures, Allied has you covered. While grey and green are common, many customers have aesthetic reasons why they prefer a cabinet painted blue, brown, beige, red, yellow, orange, or silver enclosures. Red or yellow painted cabinets are often used for high voltage installations and serve as a visual warning.

Grey or green cabinets are often used for control panels, while brown or beige is for low power applications, and blue cabinets are used for communications.

Electrical Enclosure EMI/RFI Shielding

Electrical control systems typically require EMI/RFI shielding to minimize interference from high-power switching devices or stray signals sent by a vast number of electronic devices such as solid-state relays and VFDs. The most cost-effective way to accomplish this is by shielding the entire enclosure to reduce eliminate the electrical noise that can trigger false signals or interrupt the performance of other devices.

Reduce circuit failures or inconsistent control switching in harsh environments or under demanding conditions with our customer EMI/RFI shielded enclosures.

Custom windows and hardware

Since every factory layout is different, you will likely need an electrical enclosure with custom windows and custom latching hardware versus OEM or standard power and control cabinet configurations. We can lay out custom electrical control and power cabinets with sealed windows for operator viewing of components and special latching hardware to keep workers safe. These types of custom modifications increase your profits by streamlining operating processes.

Let Allied Moulded be your preferred supplier for both standard and custom control panel enclosures and eliminate the middle-man which includes outsourced fabrication and additional shipping and handling.

Speak with an expert in electrical enclosure sales to learn about more of Allied Moulded’s enclosure modification capabilities.


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