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Anosh Ahmed Joins in for the 4th Annual Toy Giveaway

You remember the best part of Christmas as a kid. December as a kid meant new toys and possibilities. The chilly air, hot cocoa, and snowball fights spark may be your first thoughts. As a kid, you remember how great a gift could be. Kids give joy to others all year, and at the end of the year, it can be great to give some back.

What better way to put a smile on a child’s face than with a toy? That’s why Dr. Anosh Ahmed and his foundation (Anosh Inc. Foundation) partnered with Lone Star College, the Houston Police Department North Division, and Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Office for the fourth annual toy giveaways.

This December 8th was aimed at giving children toys that they will create happy memories with and enjoy the holidays. Children ages 2 to 14 and families were invited. The toys were given out at Lone Star College – Houston North. Dr. Anosh Ahmed said, “We are incredibly grateful to our partners who have made it possible to spread much-needed joy during the holidays, and it warms our hearts to put smiles on faces.”

He was considerate of others, and it shows how sincere his goals were when Mayor Sylvester Turner expressed her gratitude by thanking Dr. Anosh Ahmed for his generous demeanor and acknowledging the positive impact it will have on children and families. Dr. Ahmed put a significant amount of thought and effort into planning his part of the annual toy drive this year.

His goal was to have 15,000 toys this year. He went the extra mile of wrapping each one, too! It was possible with the help of 30 Anosh Inc. Foundation members and volunteers. They began buying and wrapping the toys earlier this year in February. Of course, the type of toys selected were high quality, and much thought went into them.

The gifts ranged from educational toys to tennis rackets and jump ropes. Of course, toy trucks and tea sets made it to the selection because they are always a hit with children. They even found educational games as well. For Dr. Ahmed and his foundation, it was essential to take the time to find and wrap the perfect toys for kids. It’s evident that where he can make a difference, he plans the best way to achieve it.

Dr. Ahmed’s dedication to the annual toy giveaway is a heartwarming testament to his thoughtful and caring nature. His cautious planning involved securing 15,000 high-quality toys and wrapping each one, demonstrating his deep commitment to bringing joy to children.

The diverse selection of toys sparked their imagination and happiness, further reflecting his understanding of children’s needs and desires. Dr. Ahmed’s actions go beyond simply giving gifts; they represent a sincere desire to impact the lives of children and families positively. With Dr. Ahmed’s thoughtfulness and care, this annual event genuinely showed the spirit of the holiday season. It is inspiring to see someone with a heart big enough to remember the importance of children.

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