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Applications of Automatic Water Quality Monitoring Systems

Water is an essential resource for our world. Its use in businesses makes it possible for us to use it for everyday needs and to produce and refine other goods and resources essential to a sustainable way of life. Just 2.5 percent or less of the water that covers the earth’s crust is drinkable. But we’ve been utilizing this priceless resource for years. Serious repercussions have resulted, including higher pollution concentrations in freshwater reservoirs and water scarcity in many regions.

The rate at which freshwater sources deplete is uncontrollably high, and the only way to improve the situation at this time is to monitor and preserve the highest possible standards for water bodies. Nevertheless, the manual nature of today’s water quality measurements presents several difficulties.

The difficulties render the process of manually assessing water quality completely unnecessary. It is necessary to use Internet of Things (IoT)-based intelligent water quality monitoring devices to scan several parameters that automatically determine water quality. The development of water quality monitoring systems that address the issues has been made possible by the Internet of Things. Is it possible to use sensors and probes in remote areas to make mass measurements of water resources in real-time? The development of intelligent water quality monitoring systems has evolved several industries’ methods of operation thanks to the Internet of Things. The following sectors can assist in putting these strategies into practice:

  • Water-related Services

According to Procurenet, water suppliers and utilities ensure clients have access to nutrient-rich water for drinking and other uses. Using Internet of Things (IoT)-based water quality measurement systems, utilities can keep the distributed water quality in overhead tanks and pipelines.

  • Agriculture

A high level of crop productivity requires optimal water quality, according to procurenet. Using sensors and probes to find contaminants that could hinder a crop’s growth is possible, depending on the crop. Farmers will be able to secure a high yield of nutritious crops and enhance their irrigation methods thanks to it.

  • Aquaculture

Fish breeding is managed under aquaculture conditions, maintaining a natural environment. For healthy fish and crustaceans to thrive in high enough numbers as livestock, water quality is crucial.

  • Labs and Research Facilities

Test sites and laboratories can conduct research without concern about errors caused by adults because water quality measures can be measured wirelessly. To do definitive tests, labs, and research facilities require water almost entirely pure or distilled. Thus, low-pH water with suspended particles determines precise and trustworthy outcomes.

  • Treatment of Wastewater

Before being dumped into a freshwater body, wastewater must be honored and dealt with. IoT-powered water quality monitoring systems streamline review procedures and minimize the need for human intervention. The water has sufficiently ministered before it is secreted by keeping factors including temperature, turbidity, and TDS.

  • Production Facilities

Businesses in manufacturing and production usually release chemicals and other hazardous liquids into rivers. They are subject to stringent rules to ensure no harm to aquatic life. Real-time monitoring allows manufacturers to confirm compliance with the regulations.

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