Compact Living: Beautiful RV Homes

With fashion and home design trends gravitating towards a “minimalistic” look and style, it’s no surprise many of us are adopting to a more compact and simple way of living. From Capsule wardrobes, de-cluttered homes and work spaces, even the way we vacation, we are seeking a simpler way of being.

What better way to live simply and unrestricted than in the comforts of a beautiful modern RV?! It’s crazy to see what RV owners have done to revamp and make their compact space cozy, comfy, and surprisingly roomy.

I searched the web to find some of the most beautiful RV’s out there and saved them for a few idea’s I have brewing for later down the road. All-in-all, these spaces are absolutely stunning, and you’d never guess they were an RV. There are endless design elements you could use for a small bachelor apartment, boat or cabin. Be warned, you might just be influenced to pack-up and hit the road – leaving all the strings and clutter behind…


Photo | The Noshery

Meseidy of The Noshery decided to move into a vintage RV in order to save money and as a means of decluttering. But downsizing didn’t mean forgoing a few modern luxury finishes to add some pretty and style to their space.


Photo | Apartment Therapy

Jordan and Britney Griggs decided to trade in their home for a life on the road in a camper in order to pursue their careers and take a year long tour of the USA. They both “work from home” and managed to fit important elements into their camper, including a super cozy workspace for two.


Photo |

Bailey Eubanks took an old RV he bought on Craigslist and made it a DIY project which turned out to be absolutely stunning! The end product is modern but with a very cozy feel…oh and a “bumpin’ sound system.”


Photo | Little Things

This artist turned his vintage camper into a motel in the woods (he rents it out via AirBnB), in Austin, TX. Perfect for two, this camper is like a cabin on wheels with a few modern amenities such as WiFi, fully loaded, and TV.


Photo | Lynne Knowlton

Lynne Knowlton of the blog, Design The Life You Want To Live took on a DIY project of renovating an Air Stream camper from 70’s drab and stinky to something modern and chic. She rents out this sweet little camper on her 100 acre property just a few hours north of Toronto. She also has a tree house and cabin for rent as well. Her design style is immaculate and totally calls to my soul. Hands down my fave (have to admit the tree house totally upped the ante).


Photo | Mobile Home Living

This camper was used by Ellen Pompeo when she was taking breaks from shooting scenes for Grey’s Anatomy. It allowed her to retreat to a private space without giving up a bit of luxury, and without having to travel to a hotel.


Photo | Chic Street Style

When Brenna of Chic Street Style decided to spend a few years touring the US after her wedding, both her and her hubby decided to sell just about everything they had and bought themselves a lil’ fixer upper RV. After three months of renovations, they were finally ready to hit the road in style! I absolutely LOVE the pop’s of gold throughout which make it “Glam” without being overly girly.


Photo | Country Living

This has GOT to be the most cozy RV out of the bunch. Sarah Schneider revamped her Airstream trailer with some help from Anthropologie. Her camper style is very boho-chic and perfect for those of you who are in love with Wanderlust.

Have you tackled an RV camper reno? What would be your ideal camper style?

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DIY Wedding Flower Suppliers: Toronto

White-Rabbit-PhotographyPhoto | Bridal Musings


In an attempt to keep costs manageable for our wedding, we will be DIY’ing our own wedding florals and décor. Now, the only reason I’ve decided to bravely put together my own wedding flowers (with the help of some very awesome people) is because Tom and I have chosen to go with an elegant, yet rustic garden themed wedding.

Our venue is the great outdoors with a tent for dinner, but because it’s already so lush, beautiful and whimsical, we don’t need to worry about perfectly well put together bouquets or arrangements.

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How-To: DIY Flower Arrangement

How-To: DIY Flower Arrangement. Three simple DIY steps on how to make beautiful centrepieces.


Prior to getting engaged, I knew I wanted a beautiful wedding with simple yet impactful details. I also knew I didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on such a celebration. I consider myself to be quite creative and I’m always looking for frugal options without sacrificing style and elegance.

I decided to use my creative energy to DIY as much as I can for Tom’s and mines wedding. One item I can’t justify splurging on, are flowers. They are beautiful and change the ambiance of a space instantly, but I’ve seen too many pretty florals get left behind or go to waste after weddings, enough so to deter me from spending a fortune on my own florals. So, I thought to educate myself on the art of floral arranging so that I could put together my own wedding florals and help me cut back on that cost.

I don’t quite remember how I found Manuella of Green Acres Floral Design, only that it was by chance through Instagram – and SO happy to have found her! After browsing through her Instagram feed and toured around on her blog, I discovered that she offers private workshops in addition to her group classes. So, I decided to join her one Saturday afternoon with my Aunt for some tea, treats, and a lesson on floral arrangements in the English garden style.

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Flour + Paper 2015 Holiday Gift Guides

gift guide 2015


It’s Christmas time! As I’m racking my brain, trying to think of gifts to get everyone on my list, I’ve found some really neat things that would be perfect gifts for just about everyone on your Christmas list (including yourself!).

Since I couldn’t fit it all into one ginormous list, be sure to check back often as I’ll be releasing new guides right up until Christmas Eve (for you last minute shoppers):


Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Everyone On Your List
Gifts for Dads
Gifts for Moms
Gifts for your Handsome Bearded-Fiancé
Gifts for Sisters
Christmas Gifts for Brothers
Last Minute Gifts
Photo | Amy Harris on Agency Rush

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Declutter & Get More Closet Space

open closet design


Every weekend I commit myself to giving our apartment a good dusting and cleaning. However, with each new season I tend to get a bit carried away with a massive and detailed clean session which can take me all day. It’s usually because I get overly caught up in the decluttering and organization of the various storage spaces throughout the apartment. Whether it be an actual closet or storage unit such as bookshelves and bookcases. This isn’t because I’m an avid feng shui practitioner, it’s simply because I greatly dislike when things look unkept, messy, unorganized and cluttered. It drives me nuts!

Getting organized and decluttered isn’t the most appealing way to spend your weekend, but I guarantee you will love the reward of a perfectly organized, practical, and aesthetically pleasing space.  Contrary to what you might think, organizing your closet doesn’t have to be an expensive project either. Whether you’re looking to have a well organized closet, garage, or workshop, these decluttering and organizational tips will cost you little to nothing at all and get you that closet (or workshop) of your dreams in no time.


Get Rid of Unused or Tattered Items

If you haven’t used it in over 12 months and have a “Oh! I forgot I had one of these!” reaction when sorting through all your things, then it’s probably not such a bad idea to let it go. If it’s in good condition, donate it, if not, recycle it if you can, otherwise, chuck it.


Say Good-bye to Clothes and Shoes That Don’t Fit

I know it’s hard to toss out that beloved fluffy comfy knitted sweater, but if it doesn’t fit or is in rough shape, it’s time to toss it. If the item is less than two years old and is in pretty great condition, donate it. There are also retailers, like H&M, that have a clothing recycling program which takes old clothes and turns them into new items. So maybe you will see that comfy sweater again, just reincarnated into a new t-shirt or cute skirt!


Tell Nostalgia to Take A Backseat

This one might seem a little mean or tough to do, but I believe in you and know you can do it!

Remember that in the end, you can’t take it with you.  Holding on to items because they relate to or trigger a memory can cause you valuable room in your home, your mind, and prevent you from focusing on new memories and experiences. By letting go of those sentimental items that are unused or have a permanent home in a box, we give ourselves the gift of acceptance, peace, and the ability to move forward. Mind you, it’s not necessary to get rid of EVERY single nostalgic item – photos and little trinkets are a great way of incorporating fond memories into your décor while enhancing the space in your home.


Double-Up On Your Storage Space

Most closets come with one shelf above a single clothes bar – let’s be honest. This won’t cut it. Especially if you’re sharing your closet space with your significant other. To get the most out of your closet or storage space, add additional levels of shelving, add a double hang clothing rod, and use floor space wisely by stacking upwards.


Get Creative With Storage Accessories

Use hooks on the walls and door for belts and hats or just about anything you want to keep off the floor and want to have a clear view of. You can also find neat accessories such as this multi-use scarf hanger from IKEA, these drawer organizers from Solutions, and nifty shelving accessories to divide your shelf into sections.


Light It Up

You don’t want to open or walk into your closet feeling like you’ve stepped into no man’s land. Using brighter lights in your closet will make it feel bigger, cleaner, and let you see exactly what you have. There are many options available depending on how much light you want or what items you want to highlight, ranging from simply using a brighter bulb, installing a LED closet rod, or installing pot lighting on the underside of shelves.


Do you have organization tips that work well for you? I’d love to hear about them!


My favourite places to shop for organization essentials:



The Container Store



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I have not received any perks or gifts for writing this post.  All views and opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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