Maternity Style Staples: Tips To Stretch Your Closet + Budget

Once I got through the first semester, and my belly started to actually grow, is when I started thinking of having to purchase dreaded maternity clothes. I didn’t want to get sucked into spending tons of money on clothing that is insanely overpriced and, realistically, would only get worn for a few months. For the most part, the majority of pregnant women are going to need a wardrobe that takes them through 2 weather seasons, since they can get away with wearing regular clothing for the first trimester.

I did purchase a few non-fashion items in my first trimester which I found essential and would use throughout my pregnancy as well as after. However, when it comes to maternity clothing, it seems like wearing most of what’s available after pregnancy, could look a bit odd.

When shopping for maternity clothing, I found that prices range from average to just plain ridiculous. So, although it took a bit of searching (and self restraint to not blow all my cash) I managed to shop my own closet and purchase items that look great during pregnancy and will be just as stylish to wear postpartum.



These are perfect for layering with sweaters, shirts, and blazers. They have a whole lot of stretch and the extra length helps to keep your belly from showing a bit of skin once you’re baby bump is pretty plump. | $7 CAD, Old Navy (on sale)



Swing dresses are great and will fit your bump all the way through your pregnancy since they are cut in an A-line shape and the style naturally has extra fabric, allowing lot’s of room for belly growth. They look great with just about any boot, shoe, or sandal. I’ve been wearing mine since the first trimester and still wearing it proudly. | $48.96 CAD on sale at The GAP

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An Everyday Watch | Lord Timepieces

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Lately, I’ve been shopping around for an all metal watch that could be worn casually, without being too clunky. I lucked out when Lord Timepieces sent me the stunning Classic Silver Ladies watch ($98 CAD) from their women’s watch collection to review.

Watches have made a HUGE comeback in the past couple of years. I remember getting my first “grown-up” watch when I was about 9 years old. It was an analogue watch. I’ve never owned a digital watch or clock, and not because my dad thought it was important that my siblings and I know how to tell time the good ol’ fashioned way, but because I just like the look of an analogue watch better, for many reasons, one being that they are just really classic looking pieces.

Fast forward to my 30’s and I still love a beautiful watch, but, I actually use it for the purpose of telling time (and adding a bit of POW to my outfit). The big thing for me is being able to glimpse at my wrist, rather than having to search for my cell phone whenever I’m curious about the time.  Besides, it’s a nice way to disconnect from social media for a little bit each day.

When you receive a watch from Lord Timepieces, it arrives in a simple black box with silver lettering. With it you receive a manual, warranty, and welcome card. The one thing I wish was included was instructions on how to adjust a mesh band to fit your wrist. I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait to have a jeweler to do this for me, and after a quick Google search, I found an easy tutorial.

The Classic Silver Ladies watch is a stainless steel version of the coveted leather boyfriend style watch. The 18mm mesh straps lends well to the 38mm face size and the ivory white dial keeps it clean and simple. What I always look for with anything I add my closet and accessories is versatility, and this watch delivers just that – wear it to the office or dress it down on the weekend. It’s well made in that it feels sturdy at all the connection points and has a good weight to it. A bonus is that it doesn’t pinch my skin. The only design detail I would have love to see is their crown logo rather than the word “Lord” on the face and clasp.

Lord Timepieces womens watches review.

The Classic Silver Ladies Watch is priced at $98 CAD and ships free worldwide. You can’t go wrong with the price as you rarely find a well crafted and fashion forward watch for less than $100. It’s water resistant and comes with a 2 year warranty.

If you’d like a Lord Timepiece of your own, use the discount code “FLOUR10” for 10% off your purchase valid for both women’s watches and men’s watches.

Follow @lordforher on Instagram to see other watches in their women’s collection (and a little more enticement if you need it).


This post is sponsored by Lord Timepieces, however, all opinions are my own.

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What To Wear To An Office Holiday Party



Deciding what to wear to the office holiday party is always somewhat of a challenge. At my office, what we do each year is always different, and this is what makes it’s a bit of a chore to figure out what to wear, especially if you go straight from the office into your celebration. I also have to decide on what to wear to Tom’s company party, but they do the same thing each year, so the “dilemma” here is going with a look that’s different than the year before.

Here are a few basic rules I follow when I’m trying to figure out the perfect ensemble for a company holiday party:

Time Of Day. Weekday Or Weekend.

The time of day and whether your event takes place on a weekday or on a weekend determines a few things. If your holiday party is during the day, on a weekday or weekend,  you are probably safe in wearing what you would regularly wear to the office, but this is also dependent on the venue and any activities planned.

If your party is in the evening, during a weekday, then you will most likely need to already be dressed for it when leave for the office in the morning, or bring a change of clothes and shoes. If your event is on a weekend, then you’re lucky to have the day to prep and get ready without the extra hassle of packing a change of clothes.

Do: Up The Wow Factor
Don’t be afraid to wear a skirt, pants, blouse or dress with a metallic finish or some sparkle.

You never want to be over or under dressed for the venue where your celebration is being held. Wearing jeans where they are not permitted or getting decked out for a pub dinner,  might leave you feeling a bit out of place.

Don’t: Bare It All
Avoid wearing a mini skirt and plunging neckline together. Do one or the other.

Will There Be Any Planned Activities?

If it’s a night of dancing, you want to be sure you are wearing items that are comfortable to move in. That doesn’t mean lose baggy clothes and ballerina flats, but opt for clothing items with some stretch and softness and invest in a pair of gel shoe pads that cushion your heels, toes and balls of your feet.

Do: Have Fun With Your Accessories
If you want to have fun and go bold with your accessories, choose one statement piece paired with simpler items.


Top Photo | ELLE

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Cozy Sweater Weather Must Haves



Sweater season is back! I have to admit, after the super hot and humid summer we had here in Toronto, it was a bit difficult to even think about getting cozy in a sweater. But soon after the welcome of September and the leaves began to turn into beautiful hues of yellow, orange, and red, I was happy to welcome back the cooler mornings and nights. I was quickly swayed and my sweater daydreaming (and shopping list) was in full swing.

After purging my closet of my older, worn out sweaters, I needed to replenish. Here are a handful of must-have sweaters from my favourite shops to help you build your own timeless, versatile, cozy sweater collection this season.

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These are the best sweaters for a lazy Sunday, hands down. Paired with soft, comfy leggings and thick knit socks (or fuzzy animal slippers), it’s the perfect combo for lounging on the couch and sipping on tea or hot chocolate. I can’t think of a better way to watch re-runs of all my favourite Christmas movies for the next eight weeks.
Aritzia Brullon Sweater $97





Perfect for many reasons like if you’re having a bad hair day, it’s really windy, or it’s raining outside. Team it up with a down filled vest for extra warmth.
Zara Soft Sweatshirt With Zip $69.90



Sweater Dress

The cold weather season version of the maxi dress. Dress it down or dress it up, heck, do both in the same day if you’ve got some running around to do in the morning and a dinner part at night. Pair it with running shoes or casual boots, oversized scarf and toque during the day. At night, add a pair of leggings, dressy boots or ankle booties, statement watch, and dressy tote.
Aritzia Streep Dress $165



Cable Knit

A timeless closet staple. A cable knit sweater is the perfect versatile winter cozy knit. These sweaters are great for adding texture to your look and awesome for layering a button-up shirt underneath. Wear it out to a casual restaurant with your favourite pair of ripped jeans or to the office paired with trousers or a skirt. Dress it up with leather tights like the photo above.
H&M Knit Sweater $19.99



Button-Up Cardigan

A button-up cardigan is perfect for shedding layers or adding a layer on fall days when  the weather starts off chilly but warms up in the afternoon. Like the cable knit sweater, it can easily be dressed up or down.
Zara Merino Cardigan $49.50


Top Photo | Unsplash


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15 Pinterest Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

Long before getting engaged, I was planning my wedding on Pinterest. It’s, in my opinion, THE best online source for wedding planning and inspiration. It’s hard not to get lost in the beautiful photos of wedding dresses, décor, cake toppers…just about everything you could possibly need to plan yourself a beautiful wedding. And before you know it, a few hours have passed oodling over a bottomless page of wedding possibilities (you could have sworn it was just 30 minutes!).

So, whether you’re just day dreaming or he’s just popped the question, these wedding boards are sure to take your wedding planning to new levels.



Fave board | Arches + Backdrops



Fave board | Stationary



Fave board | Cakes + Sweets



Fave board | Chair Treatments



Fave board | Chic Vintage Bridal Accessories



Fave board | Ceremony Styling



Fave board | Bridesmaids



Fave board | Bold Backdrops



Fave board | Hair + Makeup



Fave board | Details To Adore



Fave board | Creative Wedding Inspiration



Fave board | Escort Cards + Items



Fave board | The Hello May Bride



Fave board | Wedding Shoes-Heels



Fave board | Grooms

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