Eco Friendly Wall Art: Photowall


Before Tom, Evan, and I moved into our new home, I was eagerly planning what Evan’s nursery would look like, from the colour scheme, theme, and layout.  One of the important design elements was wall art. I had seen so many beautiful, cute, and modern prints, but I wanted something that was not the current trend and I to include certain elements in Evan’s room that would grow with him.

At the time of planning and thinking of décor and design, I had very little time to actually look for wall art, since the options and retailers are endless. So, I was pretty excited and grateful when I was asked by Photowall, to review one of their products.  Photowall’s product line-up of canvas prints (with do-it-yourself frame) and wall murals/wallpaper is absolutely stunning and so not boring.  The artists they work with all bring very unique and versatile elements to the murals and canvas prints they design.

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Compact Living: Beautiful RV Homes

With fashion and home design trends gravitating towards a “minimalistic” look and style, it’s no surprise many of us are adopting to a more compact and simple way of living. From Capsule wardrobes, de-cluttered homes and work spaces, even the way we vacation, we are seeking a simpler way of being.

What better way to live simply and unrestricted than in the comforts of a beautiful modern RV?! It’s crazy to see what RV owners have done to revamp and make their compact space cozy, comfy, and surprisingly roomy.

I searched the web to find some of the most beautiful RV’s out there and saved them for a few idea’s I have brewing for later down the road. All-in-all, these spaces are absolutely stunning, and you’d never guess they were an RV. There are endless design elements you could use for a small bachelor apartment, boat or cabin. Be warned, you might just be influenced to pack-up and hit the road – leaving all the strings and clutter behind…


Photo | The Noshery

Meseidy of The Noshery decided to move into a vintage RV in order to save money and as a means of decluttering. But downsizing didn’t mean forgoing a few modern luxury finishes to add some pretty and style to their space.


Photo | Apartment Therapy

Jordan and Britney Griggs decided to trade in their home for a life on the road in a camper in order to pursue their careers and take a year long tour of the USA. They both “work from home” and managed to fit important elements into their camper, including a super cozy workspace for two.


Photo |

Bailey Eubanks took an old RV he bought on Craigslist and made it a DIY project which turned out to be absolutely stunning! The end product is modern but with a very cozy feel…oh and a “bumpin’ sound system.”


Photo | Little Things

This artist turned his vintage camper into a motel in the woods (he rents it out via AirBnB), in Austin, TX. Perfect for two, this camper is like a cabin on wheels with a few modern amenities such as WiFi, fully loaded, and TV.


Photo | Lynne Knowlton

Lynne Knowlton of the blog, Design The Life You Want To Live took on a DIY project of renovating an Air Stream camper from 70’s drab and stinky to something modern and chic. She rents out this sweet little camper on her 100 acre property just a few hours north of Toronto. She also has a tree house and cabin for rent as well. Her design style is immaculate and totally calls to my soul. Hands down my fave (have to admit the tree house totally upped the ante).


Photo | Mobile Home Living

This camper was used by Ellen Pompeo when she was taking breaks from shooting scenes for Grey’s Anatomy. It allowed her to retreat to a private space without giving up a bit of luxury, and without having to travel to a hotel.


Photo | Chic Street Style

When Brenna of Chic Street Style decided to spend a few years touring the US after her wedding, both her and her hubby decided to sell just about everything they had and bought themselves a lil’ fixer upper RV. After three months of renovations, they were finally ready to hit the road in style! I absolutely LOVE the pop’s of gold throughout which make it “Glam” without being overly girly.


Photo | Country Living

This has GOT to be the most cozy RV out of the bunch. Sarah Schneider revamped her Airstream trailer with some help from Anthropologie. Her camper style is very boho-chic and perfect for those of you who are in love with Wanderlust.

Have you tackled an RV camper reno? What would be your ideal camper style?

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Moving Checklist – Avoid Moving Woes

door matt



I want to start this super overdue blog post with a big SORRY. I’ve been very delinquent with publishing regular blog posts since the start of the year, but I promise it’s not due to a lack of love for it or laziness.

2016 didn’t waste any time bringing on new changes! Some of them unpleasant and causing a chain reaction in other changes – for one, we’re moving! With less than a month to find a new home and get everything sorted, we managed to find a great spot not too far from where we are now, in a bustling little pocket of uptown Toronto.  We still need to figure out where the plush green spaces and parks are close by so when the weather warms up again, we have a few nice routes or trails to take walks and start outdoor running again.

Moving is my least favourite thing, especially since this will be my 6th move in the past 10 years. However, there are many upsides to moving which I love; deciding on how to decorate, furniture placement, buying a few new décor items, and it’s also a perfect time to purge the junk! Plenty of ideas to blog about too!

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Christmas Gifts for Brothers

bose earbuds

Earbuds that cancel noise and stay in your ear, $110. I’ve tried these and haven’t gotten around to getting myself a pair yet, mainly because I haven’t been working out as much as I used to. I love that these cancel out noise and actually stay in your ear when you work out.

MVMT chrono all black watch

Understated “cool” watch, $140. You can’t go wrong with a piece like this. I love the flat finish of the black metal and how it gives this watch a casual hip feel.


Basic backpack, $75. Great for brothers who need to take only the essentials with them whether they are headed to class or quick weekend getaway with the dudes.

muhammad ali print

Muhammad Ali print, $427. Guy or Girl, I think we’d all love this print somewhere in our home.


Tickets to a basketball game, $49-$4108. My brother is always talking about players and stats and stuff I don’t understand in general when it comes to basketball, and when he’s not doing that, he’s cheering on the Toronto Raptors with much passion and yelling.

leather hoodie jacket

Leather Hoodie jacket, $199. This would be the perfect combo of comfy and dressy for those brothers who are always pairing up a jacket with a hoodie underneath.

shoeshine kit

Shoe care kit, $139. When you have a killer sneaker collection like my unofficial brother-in-law-some-day-hopefully, you’ll want more than just an aerosol can to protect your duds.


Travel cooler tube, $21. Um, how neat is this? I’m not much of a drinker, but this can be used for any drink that comes in a can!

stay clip

Collar Stays, $105. My brother-in-law is a suit man. Immediately thought of him when I saw this. A great way to store collar stays that come in various finishes, sizes, and metals.

pocket squares

Pocket Squares that aren’t so “square”, $20. A fun way to play up a suit and show you playful side.

I have not received any perks or gifts for writing this post.  All views and opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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Christmas Gifts for Sisters


Passion fruit lip balm enclosed in a mini skull, $8. I’m not a huge skull person, but my youngest sister is and this would be perfect for her. The pink gives a typically edgy symbol, a sweet edge.

okayest sister muh etsy

World’s Okayest Sister Mug, $25.89. Gotta have some gifts with a little humor but still say “I love you.” I know both my sisters and sister-in-law would probably first react with a “Hey?!” upon receiving one, but would love the humor in it.

Meditation box

Meditation sandbox, $124.06. Firstly, I LOVE the inscription! Secondly, this is a great companion to the Buddha Board, where the Buddha Board it a means to “let it go”, while I feel like the meditation box is a means to “manifesting.”

AMcqueen bag

Alexander McQueen crossbody bag, $2,195.00. Okay. I know this is incredibly pricey but in my make believe world of having a billion dollars, I would totally get this for my youngest sister as this is her all time favourite designer…and I kinda love her.

porter magazine

1 Year Subscription to Porter Magazine, $30. This one is actually on my sister’s wishlist for our secret Santa gift exchange. I don’t blame her. Looks like a great addition to a cozy afternoon on the sofa.

fiji instapix photo printer

Fuji film Instax Printer, $169.99. Because sometimes you want to share your photo’s with family and friends but don’t want to post publicly for all to see.

flowy feather necklace

Flowy Feather Necklace, $80. What woman wouldn’t want a beautiful statement piece like this?


Gold plated signet ring, $50.96. I just really want one for myself. They make a statement without much fuss.


Did you miss our other gift guides? Click here to catch up.


I have not received any perks or gifts for writing this post.  All views and opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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