How To Reduce The Risk Of Food Allergies In Babies


With the insane amount of food allergies being diagnosed in children and adults lately, I have to say, it was one of Tom and mines biggest concerns when Evan was approaching the age at which we would start introducing him to solid foods.

Our Paediatrician is the absolute best.  She provided an incredible amount of information about when and how to introduce the top common food allergens.  The method she suggested was to introduce a food allergen or a new food one at a time and for 3-4 consecutive days. This way it was controlled and we could easily identify a potential allergic reaction.  She also gave us some background on a study conducted out of Israel.  There, they have a popular snack, Bamba, which prevents peanut allergies in children. She suggested searching for it here at a local grocer or speciality food shop. Lucky for us, Tom was very familiar with this snack as it was one of his favourites while he lived in Israel for a year.  We were also very lucky that his uncle was visiting Israel at the time, so we reached out to request if he could bring back a few packets of this peanut snack for Evan.  Within a few weeks we received a jumbo pack of about 40 snack packs of Bamba! At 6 months old, Evan was eating 2-3 pieces of Bamba each day.

We slowly introduced other common food allergens such as fish and eggs, in the same way.  I figured after getting past the eggs, peanuts, and fish, without an issue (with exception to eczema after eggs for the first time) we were good to go.

It wasn’t until discovering Roslyn’s Real Foods, I realized that there were so many other common food allergens that we had not yet introduced to Evan, such as other tree nuts and soy. Roslyn’s Real Foods makes it easy for parents to introduce tree nuts and soy to their little ones with ease and without having to spend a whole lot on full-sized jars of the stuff.  Instead, you can either purchase individual 20g taster packs of their 10 available tree nut butters or purchase a starter kit which includes all the taster packs.  Once you’ve introduced all the nut butters and soy individually, you can purchase a jar of their Wholesome Blends: Tree Nut Butter to regularly continue to expose your child to these common food allergens, and helping them build their immunity to them.

I decided to get a little creative when introducing the butters to Evan.  I mixed a little less than one teaspoon (you get about three from one packet) each day into a food or snack.  I started by mixing the pecan butter into a yogurt parfait in the morning, then I made a “mayo” using the soy in an egg salad for his lunch a few days later, macadamia in his breakfast cereal, and the almond butter in a smoothie – to give you a few ideas. Otherwise on a spoon or toast works just as well.

Before letting Evan have a taste, I made sure to taste all the nut butters myself and they are delicious! Most of these nuts I wouldn’t eat raw, but in nut butter form I am totally down.   I think this is such a great and simple way to introduce your little one’s to these common food allergens without spending a whole lot of money and also being sure that you are getting a healthy product that is made with love right here in Canada and with the best intentions at heart.  Try it for yourself (and little ones) and get free shipping on your order with code FREESHIP now through September 10, 2018.

If  you have any questions, you can find more information in the FAQ’s section at the bottom of their Homepage or contact them directly.


DISCLAIMER: I’m not a health care professional. Please consult your medical physician for complete information and guidance.

This post has been sponsored by Roslyn’s Real Foods. All opinions and views expressed are my own.



Introducing Baby to Solid Foods With Allergy Awareness


Food Allergies and Babies

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Life After Baby: Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation)

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In my Life After Baby: What No One Tells You post, I briefly mentioned Diastasis Recti (DRA), a condition which is the separation of the abdominal muscles.

After having Evan, my expectations were that my body would return to it’s pre-pregnancy size within the first three months post partum. After all, I was working out and doing everything I thought was right for a fit and healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Everything I was told at the prenatal and educational classes, and from seasoned mothers, not once mentioned Diastasis recti. I think many women, like myself, tend to believe that they simply have a “mummy tummy” without realizing they have a deeper underlying issue which is directly related to their pelvic health.

For several months post partum I had this weird jiggly belly where everything in there felt like is was sloshing around freely. It was the weirdest feeling! I knew something wasn’t quite right and so I decided to conduct a bit of research myself. I didn’t know about DRA, so when searching for answers, I was typing in all kinds of terms including “why do I still look 5 months pregnant?” and “breastfeeding and not loosing the pregnancy weight.” Finally, after all my searching and noticing similarities between discussions on online forums and various websites, I realized what was going on with my body. The culprit – Diastasis Recti.

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Life After Baby: What No One Tells You


Having a healthy pregnancy has always been important to me since I knew I wanted to have children of my own. I figured by doing what I thought were the most important things a woman could do for herself and baby – be physically fit, health conscious with eating habits, get as much rest as possible – would be enough to see me through a healthy pregnancy and recovery. In addition to these things, it’s important to educate yourself on what to expect during labour and delivery.  Tom and I also discussed post partum depression and how we would work together to work through it if I felt like I was experiencing symptoms.

When we shared our pregnancy news with our family and friends, we took note of all the advice we were getting from well seasoned parents within our circle.  You know…”sleep when baby sleeps”…”make sure you eat”…”have someone stay with you in the first few weeks.” I did ask about child birth experiences, but never did I think to ask about the things I experienced postpartum, nor did anyone (not even my OBGYN!) talk about it – the nitty gritty stuff.

During and after pregnancy, your body goes through a significant amount of change physically, emotionally, and mentally – it’s hard to keep up. You go through life’s most intense and beautiful experience of delivering your baby and are then thrust right into being new parents and figuring out how to care for this tiny, little being. You, on top of that, have to pay attention to your own body to make sure you heal properly.



Body changes

  • After pregnancy I experienced exhaustion from both the actual act of delivering a baby and being sleep deprived. I have never been THAT exhausted, ever.
  • After giving birth, your uterus needs to shrink back to its original size pre-pregnancy. In order for this to happen, your uterus contracts and it’s painful. A combination of extra strength Tylenol along with extra strength Advil was prescribed to help with this – it can last a few weeks.
  • Hormonal fluctuation from an ultimate high to menopausal low. Feeling really happy to the point where I was crying when I felt this way, then crying when my mind would wander off to so many different things such as having a lot to loose now and worrying over the worst happening and not being there for this precious little life. I would also experience hot flashes and sweat like crazy as well as become super thirsty when breastfeeding.
  • Engorged breasts were expected, but when you have no clue how this actually feels, it’s a bit of a shock.
  • I had an incredible amount of excess fluid in my body after giving birth. I was painfully swollen for a few weeks (something I didn’t experience during pregnancy).  After a week of the pain and discomfort, a family friend who is a retired nurse advised me to keep my legs elevated every chance I got. This worked wonders and within three days my swelling subsided.
  • During my pregnancy I didn’t have such a difficult time breathing as I was warned about. I think it’s probably because Evan was sitting so low. Oddly enough, after giving birth was when I had experienced breathing problems. I couldn’t walk more than five minutes before feeling like I was having an asthma attack. I was told this was due to all my organs and such being moved around before and after baby. It took about two weeks before I felt normal again.


Breastfeeding + Getting back my pre-pregnancy body

  • No one ever said how hard this would be to establish. Yes, it’s supposed to be very natural, but the process doesn’t go as smoothly as we might expect it to. It took several weeks before Evan was able to breastfeed without any type of feeding tool or aid.
  • Much of what I heard about when it came to breastfeeding was that I had to pump to prevent leaking and that it would help me shed away all the pregnancy weight. This instant weight loss seems to be the number one reason for breastfeeding. It was part of my main three reasons for wanting to breastfeed. Well, this magical weight loss is only half true. Not all women experience this and the reason is due to hormones in our body postpartum. These hormone levels vary for everyone. So, instead of loosing all the weight, I lost 14 of the 24lbs I gained during pregnancy and have been stuck there.
  • If you’re breastfeeding, your body needs more water than ever. Not only to help with milk production, but to maintain all regular body functions which require water, including painless bowel movements, skin and hair maintenance, etc.


Getting Back My Pre-Pregnancy Body
It took me several months to realize I was not one of those women who was going to zap back to my pre-pregnancy weight with the help of breastfeeding. At the 8 weeks post-partum mark is when I had my follow-up exam with my OB and family doctor to make sure I was healing well and whether it was okay to start certain physical activities again – I really wanted to get myself back in shape, but I wasn’t going to jeopardize my health if my body wasn’t ready. According to the doctor, all was fine. But I didn’t feel that way. My joints still felt rubbery, I didn’t have the energy I needed to work out, and my darn tummy still looked like I was five months pregnant. I couldn’t figure out why. I was breastfeeding and doing my abdominal massages. I knew it was going to take some time, but I felt stagnant and stuck physically.

So, four months postpartum I had to figure out for myself what the heck was up with my body. After searching online and reading endless amounts of new mommy and health discussion boards, I realized I had Diastasis Recti…Diasta-what? Exactly! This is what happens when your abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy. This can happen also happen or make the problem worse if you push incorrectly during labour.  After a lot of online searching and thinking I could fix this on my own, based on what other women posted online, I decided I needed to seek help from a health professional.

Pregnancy puts your body through a great amount of “stress” so it’s important to allow yourself to properly heal before returning to high impact physical activities. Ease back into your health habits and be sure to always consult a medical practitioner. Sometimes we may look completely healthy on the outside, but the reality is, you may not be aware of underlying issues. Pay attention to your body and listen to your intuition.

In my next post, I’ll get into more detail of Diastasis recti and how I am working towards healing my body. If you are a new mom, seasoned mom, considering of having more children, or think you may have this condition as well, you won’t want to miss the upcoming posts in the rest of the Life After Baby mini series.  They will focus on Pelvic health and it’s importance for women who plan on having children or who have already gone through the experience.  I guarantee that your OBGYN won’t share with you any of the knowledge I’m excited to pass onto you.

Do you have an interesting life after baby experience or any helpful advice for other that you wished was passed onto you? I would love to hear about it!




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How We Won Our Dream House

Tom and I knew we wanted to purchase our first home before Evan arrived. We decided to purchase when we did, since the market in Toronto was (and is) ridiculous. Prices were being blown waaay over asking due to inevitable bidding wars. We were lucky the government put new rules and regulations into place when we were in the market, which helped ease the pain of buying and selling. Both our buy and sell had to be timed just right to avoid having our house search drag on too close or even past Evan’s due date (and good thing since Ev decided to arrive a month early).

We went into house hunting expecting to have to look at over 20 homes and possibly having to place at least 10 different offers before getting a house we wanted. We had heard stories from friends and acquaintances being in the market to purchase for over a year and seeing well over 100 houses, even putting in over 25 offers! Thankfully, that was not the case. Phew!

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Great To Be Back


I know I’ve been MIA for way too long, but let me explain.

2017 wasn’t “busy” in terms of having a full social schedule, but being pregnant for the first half of the year made me a total couch potato.  The first trimester started at the end of 2016 and trickled into 2017.  This was my first pregnancy and I don’t remember feeling as lethargic and exhausted in my life as I did then (actually, when I volunteered for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and didn’t sleep for over 24 hours then having to catch a plane for my vacation over seas, was the only other time prior to becoming a new Mother), and when I finally got my energy back in the second trimester, I was trying to play catch up at the gym – keeping myself physically healthy during my pregnancy and in preparation for Evan’s arrival.

There was a whole ton I wanted to blog about and share with you, but experiencing pregnancy for the first time was a real kick in the butt and a serious reality check. I always thought I would be able to have everything balanced, organized, and running like clock work as I am so proudly able to do – it is part of who I am…My crazy organizational and plan-ahead skills…Which all went to poo with my pregnancy.

I decided several years ago that I wasn’t going to force myself to do things if I just wasn’t feeling it. Doing that stressed me out and made me antsy.  I didn’t need to feel like that during my pregnancy. I wanted to be as calm and cool as possible (when my hormones weren’t raging). From being tired and exhausted to developing pregnancy brain (it is real, believe me. I tired to fight it.) which then turns into mommy brain once your little one arrives. You can’t get away from it. But I’ll touch more on that in a future blog post.

I still have so much I want to share about my pregnancy and on being a first time mom. Forgive me as I now play catch up on Flour + Paper, and I may seem to be all over the place as I travel backwards with my life events and make my way back into blog land.

To give you a quick rundown, aside from sharing my pregnancy experiences, I have yet to share all the tips I came across while planning our wedding in the fall of 2016, and not to mention Tom and mines latest adventures in being new parents and new home owners in a new city – there is SO MUCH to share! I don’t even remember Christmas since it flew by so quickly. I think it took a back seat to us moving and settling into our new home.

I never even got around to thinking about New Year resolutions for 2018, but what I have decided (over and over again since thinking that getting my balance back seemed like it was never going to happen, up until recently) is to follow a handful of key things that really made a difference in how I lived my daily life a few years ago, when I was stuck in a rut:


This was my dad’s advice to me back in 2011 when I was trying to force things in my life. Whether it be relationships, jobs, chores, hobbies, etc. So, I started to just let things be. If something didn’t click with me, I left it alone and let it be. Forcing it never ended well or left me feeling great. I took more of an “If it does, it does. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t” approach to just about everything. I accepted the good and the not so good potential of my situations. That way I wasn’t left feeling let down by expecting anything from anything or anyone.


My sister called me out on this when I was feeling super down on life in 2013. I don’t remember why she said it exactly and what we were talking about, but I remember my outlook changing almost immediately and I started to look for the tiniest bright side or good things that happened throughout my day. By doing this, so many awesome things started to enter my life, and I started to take notice of all the amazingness already filling my life.


In 2011 I started reading The Celestine Prophecy series of books. I had bought them a few years before that based on a recommendation from one of my close friends.  The first book in the series is the original and the best of the four. The Celestine Prophecy takes the reader through nine insights, one of them being “Meaningful Coincidences.” I won’t go into detail, but to sum it up, pay attention to situations or messages you experience or hear multiple times. They usually take place when you are in need of an answer to something and they keep occurring until you take notice and act on them. It’s one of the reason’s we are sleep training Evan right now and why I’ve been able to spend time writing this blog post the past couple of days.


As Tom and I work our way through the adventures in parenting, I’m slowly finding a balance, amongst other personal goals, and so you can look forward to more posts (trickling in) from Flour + Paper from here on out.  I can’t promise they will be regular, but they will happen bit by bit.

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