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Choosing Your Portable Oxygen Machine – Things to Consider

There are a large number of men or women world wide that have to use a portable oxygen machine as part of their daily existence. Every year the numbers seem to increase and although this is bad news for many individuals, another side of the coin is the fact that with the enormous demand this generates, the supply side is continuously coming up with newer types of designs and models that have increased choice and provide greater benefits – and even a progressive price reduction.

Living with supplemental oxygen is not what any one hopes for – however it is a fact of life for many; and perhaps the most important part of depending on supplemental oxygen is that a lack of oxygen limits mobility. This is precisely where portable oxygen units make a difference.

Today you no longer have to be house or even clinically, bound as used to be the case. With the different portable alternatives you can enjoy a more normal and active lifestyle.

It is important to note that the oxygen machine you use, which ever type that may be, should be easily transportable. The type of system you choose will depend on your Bipap Machine Cost and as a first step will have to take into account frequency, amount of required oxygen and your life style:

The very first factor is frequency. How often do you need to receive supplemental oxygen? During sleep? While exercising? In the afternoon? Constantly?

The next point to consider is how much oxygen you need. Everybody has different needs that depend on a variety of things like the amount of damage your lungs have suffered, the type of activities you practice and even at what altitude you are living.Oxygen tanks that store liquid oxygen have much more oxygen than a cylinder that holds compressed oxygen in gas form.The third type of oxygen systems available are oxygen concentrators and the main difference is that these units do not store oxygen but extract it from the surrounding air. This means that the emphasis is not on the storage capacity but on the availability of the power source that runs the machine and delivers the oxygen. Now days aside from the direct electrical current, the increased durability of rechargeable batteries have greatly extended their portable benefits. This element alone, amount of time with safe oxygen delivery, has brought about an enormous advantage for patients as it is increasing their range of activities allowing them to recover much more of their daily lives and therefore their lifestyle.

The third factor has to be the types of activities you normally engage in. A portable machine is one that you can take with you, either carrying it, or pulling it along on a trolley. A mobile machine is one that you can easily carry with you on your person. The major difference in these definitions is weight. Mobile equals low weight for carrying purposes. Portable, can be from an equally low weight to one that can be easily pulled along.

The best thing to do while opting for any portable oxygen machine would be to ask for help from your medical professional. But before that appointment, do a little research. The more you know, the more you can work together with your doctor and therefore make a better choice.

Using your oxygen equipment, which ever delivery system you may have, is fairly simple; but you should not only read the instructions carefully, but ask your supplier to direct you and physically show how to work it.

The three different delivery systems (oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders that hold compressed oxygen gas, and oxygen tanks with liquid oxygen) will have different makes and models, but they will all have:

Flow port

Flow meter


Finally you should always follow some basic safety factors:

Do not smoke near your oxygen unit – oxygen is not flammable but it does feed the flame.

Be CPAP for rent , including the nose canula, so they are free from any sort of interference.

Your unit, when in use or in storage, should be away from potential traffic.

Always check you available supply. If stored, make sure you have sufficient oxygen; and if your supply is delivered by a concentrator, make sure of your power supply.

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