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DIY vs Professional waterproofing : Everything you need to know

Without a doubt sometimes we all have tried to repair our home by ourselves, just for the convenience and saving some extra bucks on repairs. However one must also know when and where you might need a professional hand as doing by yourself may save you now but later on it might backfire harder so here are noteworthy things you may take down.

DIY waterproofing refers to when the homeowners themselves try to fix the seepage or any other water related problems by themselves mostly using makeshift tools or a few materials who self proclaim themselves to be user friendly such as primers coatings or sealants. The benefits of waterproofing by yourself can be that , first of all it is cost effective as obviously there is no requirement of hiring a plumber and one can apply the coatings or sealants by themselves.

DIY waterproofing also allows the homeowners to customize their approach to the damages caused and get the benefits of use the best fitted products as per to their needs

Nevertheless, despite the above mentioned benefits one has from DIY , they always come with some cons mentioned below

– little to no warranty

Your outcomes are the results of your own actions, hence if one fails to make the ends meet properly they themselves are responsible for the further damages caused.

Another disadvantage is that in most cases the DIY repairer have very narrow expertise in what they are doing and not specialise in it. This makes them just do random repairs to stop the leakage in whatever manner. This can be highly dangerous for seepage prone areas in home

– Professional waterproofing

Professional waterproofing provides those experts who have up-to-date knowledge about the areas required to be waterproofed, the tools required for making the ends meet and comparatively last longer than DIYers. They complete the job effortlessly and leave no stones unturned the experienced professionals have all the intel about the sources and solutions answers to all the possibile seepage or other water related problems nearing the home.

However it is to be noted that hiring these experts can be expensive, so here are the best yet affordable contractors for your home waterproofing solutions. Added to this, professional waterproofing solutions also come with warranties. For example : if the coating applied by the professional contractor makes the paint peeling off the wall, they are bound to repair it without any  extra cost if it comes under the tenure of warranty of service.

Above all this, it is also important to note that the homeowners always get the headache of choosing the Trustable and competent waterproofing contractors because if they follow the contrary, even if you haven’t done the job by yourself and made the contractor do it, if s/he is not competent enough making mistakes through the process ; the damages would backfire at you leading to more repairs and burning up a hole in your pocket.

One can choose the right waterproofing contractor by having checked several parameters such as :

Checking the reviews online or on their website

Asking for references from local clients

Contacting the local hardware stores near your vicinity

And, if you live in a society one may contact the maintenance department for the same.

Final thoughts

As we come to a conclusion , we can agree to land up on the fact that whether it is DIY or professional contractor for waterproofing, the end goal is to make your completely safe and sound from any kind of water related problems as those bring about damages not only to the interior but also the molds and mildews from clogs can harm the respiratory system of your loved ones from the bacteria and fungus being released. Henceforth always choose an advised and consulted decision upon the waterproofing to be done at your home.

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