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Fiberglass Electrical Enclosures are Becoming a Preferred Choice of Contractors

Electrical contractors are discovering the value of fiberglass electrical enclosures. This is no surprise, as the demand for electrical enclosures is expected to reach $8.1 billion US by 2025. There are many reasons for this sharp growth in the global market for electrical enclosures, including:

  • expanded applications of power electronics
  • new, strict electrical safety regulations
  • innovation in materials technology such as fiberglass
  • worldwide power and energy infrastructure upgrades
  • projected increase in renewable energy generation

Electrical enclosures are chosen mainly for size and the best construction for the application (or NEMA rating). But today, you should also consider advances in material engineering that gives electrical contractors other choices over the traditional metal electrical box. Non-metallic and fiberglass enclosures are filling the gap, with less expensive, more durable and easier to install electrical enclosures.

Advantages of fiberglass electrical enclosures

As a sub-sector of the entire market, the advantages of fiberglass have not been missed by electrical contractors for industrial, commercial, and outdoor applications. Even residential electrical installations prefer the smooth, streamlined design of fiberglass electrical enclosures. They can be surface mounted and painted to blend in with any decor. But, for industrial applications, they are quickly becoming the preferred choice for a long list of reasons:

  • Industrial facilities choose chemical-resistant fiberglass-reinforced polyester
  • In coastal areas or marine installations, fiberglass is a non-corrosive choice
  • Watertight and dust-tight, perfect for food/beverage or textile industries
  • Non-conductive, impact-resistant, UV-resistant makes them very durable
  • Field material cuts, drills, punches, and saws with ease and accuracy
  • Better aesthetics – rounded edges, minimal protrusions or exposed pocket areas
  • Smooth surface, no color variations, swirls or void color pockets

Environmental considerations when choosing an electrical enclosure

Electrical contractors know that the environment can affect an electrical installation. A shortened life-cycle of components, false tripping of solid-state controls, corroded contacts, loose wire connections, and early failure of entire control systems can all be tied back to an electrical enclosure that failed due to environmental conditions. But, customers rightly expect and trust their electrical contractor to use the right type, size, and electrical box material to fit demanding environments.

A fiberglass electrical enclosure protects against environmental conditions, so your next installation goes beyond what is dictated in a NEMA 3, NEMA 4, or NEMA 6 and provides a degree of protection against windblown dust, rain, sleet, and external ice formation. So for outdoor installations, which include outdoor receptacles and outdoor lighting, a fiberglass electrical enclosure will give the homeowner the added benefit of an aesthetically-pleasing installation.

It’s important to know the environmental threats that may assault an electrical installation, including temperature and humidity. In humid conditions, corrosion of electrical contacts and connectors is a common failure. Rapid temperature changes, high humidity, rain and snow infiltrating a poorly sealed enclosure can all cause condensation or water to collect inside an electrical enclosure, resulting in elevated moisture levels.

At Allied Moulded Products Inc. we can help you select the right fiberglass electrical enclosure, junction boxes, and receptacle boxes to fit any environmental conditions and adhere to NEC requirements and/or NEMA standards. Consider our Premium Series Fiberglass Box molded of impact-resistant, high-strength fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester material.


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