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How Smartwatches Influence Senior Citizen’s Life?

A demographic shift is underway in most industrialized countries, resulting in considerable increases in the senior population.

Seniors are more susceptible to illnesses, putting a strain on the country’s healthcare system. Improving their autonomy and keeping seniors as self-sufficient as feasible is one method to lessen these expenditures.

With the rapid advancement of technology, there is little question that a product is currently or will soon be available on the market to assist in achieving this aim. A smartwatch is an excellent example.

Smartwatches like Huawei Watch GT 2 42mm have demonstrated a huge potential to improve the life of older people. While not expressly developed for this population, several characteristics benefit old people. Intelligent cars are no longer merely youthful and energetic.

Older individuals now realize the benefits of intelligent timepieces to help them live healthier and happier lives. In a 2015 AARP poll, 45 percent of participating seniors aged 50 and over said that after six weeks using a wristwatch, their drive to live a more healthy life had been boosted. 67 percent considered technology to be useful on a global scale.

Everyone aspires to be self-sufficient as they age. The elderly may use a wristwatch to track their mobility, heart rate, or contact emergency services, as well as instantly alert their loved ones in the event of a fall or accident.

Wearable technology can also provide their family or caregivers comfort of mind. If this isn’t enough to persuade you of the need of owning a wristwatch for your elderly relatives or yourself, consider the following.

Smartwatches Helpful Features

A senior may or may not be aware of some functions on a smartwatch. It is critical to understand this in order to make the most of them. Here are some functions that a smartwatch can provide for the elderly:

Health Observation

Some of the wearer’s vital indicators are monitored by the latest smartwatches on the market. Some of them contain a built-in heart rate monitor and an accelerometer that can detect when the wearer isn’t moving and prompt them to do so. This is a fantastic method for elders to remain active. By wirelessly connecting additional devices to the wristwatch, it is also possible to measure blood pressure, stress levels, blood sugar levels, and weight.

Emergency Calls and Alert Button

Seniors frequently wear a wearable panic button, which is generally a bracelet or a necklace. When you push the button, it sends an emergency alert to a specialized support centre.

Some elders, on the other hand, despise the idea of wearing panic buttons or neglect to do so. A trendy, sleek, and stylish smartwatch might be a terrific option for elderly who don’t like the sight of these buttons.

If an elderly person regularly forgets to wear the buttons, the elderly do not have to take their watch-out when they are showered because most are waterproof. If the elderly person wears the watch, he or she can manually call for an emergency.

Better even, some of these gadgets will automatically detect falls and immediately inform the family member, health care provider or emergency assistance facility.

A smart watch for older citizens is an easy and quick way to reach families or close relations. While the elder is aware of the fundamental features of the smartwatch, while trying to reach family members or contact them they should not meet a problem.

Standalone smartwatches, having a SIM card, are also able to make calls from home. In addition, the wearer position may be sent to the carrier or service centre through GPS capabilities.

Navigation and GPS Tracking

Smartwatches such as Huawei GT2 on the market have turn-by-turn navigation, which allows you to choose a specific destination and the watch will show you how to get there. This functionality is akin to navigating in a car. It can be beneficial to elderly who have lost their sense of direction.

Geofencing is also an intriguing aspect. When an older person leaves a pre-defined safe zone such as their house, the watch will immediately notify them and assist them in returning home if necessary.

An alarm is delivered to the caretaker or a family member if the wearer is unable to come home within a certain time limit.


In a word, a smartwatch is a timepiece that incorporates technology improvements to make your life easier. They provide more than simply time; they also provide a variety of health and safety benefits. Smartwatches are frequently touchscreens with the ability to download software, exactly as smartphones.


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