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Keeping Carpets Clean with Kids: Our Top Tips

Kids are a great source of joy in your life, but they can be tough on your carpets! If you’re finding yourself constantly telling your kids to be careful on your carpets and rugs, you’re not alone. Our Toledo carpet cleaning company is providing you with the tips and tricks that you need to help your carpets survive the preschool and grade school years.

Become a Shoes-Off House

Asking your family to take off their shoes when they enter your home is a great way to stop the spread of dirt and germs on your carpets. Placing a nice basket of slippers next to your door can help encourage your guests to follow the shoes-off rule as well. It can take some practice to get your kiddos into the habit of taking their shoes off when they enter the house, so be sure to stick to your new rule yourself to set the example.

Get Serious About Food

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying dinner in front of the TV from time to time, but you may want to set rules on how your family will eat in the living room when it’s time for movie night. Laying out a blanket and having a living room picnic can be a great way to both create a special event for your kids and keep the carpet clean. You may also want to chat with your kids about what types of foods are ok to eat in the living room (like a handful of grapes) and what foods should stay in the kitchen (a bowl of chili).

Add Vacuuming To The Chore List

Vacuuming your carpets regularly can go a long way to keep them clean, and the task can be a simple addition to your family’s chore list. Asking your child to vacuum once or twice a week can help keep your carpets clean, and can help your little one feel proud about doing their part.

Schedule Regular Carpet Cleaning

No matter how careful you are with keeping your carpets clean, accidents happen (especially when you have little ones). Scheduling regular professional cleanings with our carpet cleaning Toledo company can help your carpets stand the test of time, even when you have little ones running around. You don’t have to try to keep your carpets clean alone–we’re here to help! Reach out to us today to learn about our carpet cleaning services Toledo.

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