All About Timing

“Q: When is the perfect time? A: Who can say, but probably somewhere between haste and delay – and it’s usually most wise to start today.” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru

So, I’ve attempted this blog thing a good handful of times and up until now,  I never really understood why my blogging experiences always fell flat and fizzled out after a couple of posts.

All of my past blogging attempts had a couple of things in common – they were the result of desperation to earn extra income and always the product of acting in haste.

Here I am again, writing my first blog post on my latest blog. But I feel good about it. Really good about it. I think the reason this venture will actually stick is because my focus and intentions are quite clear and honest, I’m surrounded by incredibly supportive family, friends and boyfriend to boot, and most importantly, it’s FUN!


Blogs contribute in a huge way to the information that can be found online on just about anything! When I’m looking for a recipe or instructions on a DIY project, my search will more often than not, lead me to a very helpful blog post, and I want to be a part of that. I want to be a part of that online community so that I can share and help others on their search, whether it be for a great brownie recipe, an awesome winter stew, a chic DIY design project for the home, or the cutest accessories trending the shops for the current season. That’s it. Sharing and caring is what it’s all about this time around.

I hope you have fun reading my posts and that at the end of them you can take something of value away from it for yourself in some little or big way.


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