How To Better Manage Your Time + Get Stuff Done


As I’m making an effort to get off my lazy butt and get back into blogging, I feel like I’m frantically playing catch-up. SO MUCH has happened in the past three years and life really isn’t slowing down it seems, but it keeps me on my toes (I know I keep repeating this, but when I reflect on life-after-meeting-Tom, I’m still in such awe).

Now that Tom and I are expecting a little one in July, I feel like I need to dedicate some serious one-on-one time to the blog and have been thinking of how to better manage my time to achieve this. After giving it a good think, I figured why not go back to what I’ve tried and tested and I know worked well.

My “method” comprises of a handful of practices, which when combined, work wonders for getting motivated, actually getting stuff done, and feeling pretty good about it!



These are HUGE distractions when it comes to getting anything done when you’re at home. They are readily there, making it too easy to plop on the couch and and be planted there while watching repeats and maybe surfing various apps on your cell phone at the same time (I’m guilty of this. Usually scrolling through Facebook during commercials or fact searching during a show), and before you know it, time for bed. Nothing really accomplished. Well, other than prepping and eating dinner. I’ve been letting myself fall into this trap much too often since wrapping up our wedding and getting pregnant. Using all our life-happenings as an excuse to do nothing. It was fine for a while, but now it’s becoming my lifestyle and I’m saying NO to it!

Some of you might not agree, especially if you have a regular day job which might be stressful, so I can see the want to just veg out on the couch and totally shut off your brain, BUT, I personally believe our brain needs more love and care than that.



We all have something that excites us, drives our passion, and gets our energy going when we really put some time and effort into it. Whether it’s a hobby, day job, side job, dream job, planning a getaway, or things you really want from and for your life.

It’s one thing to think about it, but there is so much POWER in writing your intentions, dreams, whatever you want to call them, down. I’ve tried and tested this and I couldn’t tell you how true this is. But there is a difference between just jotting something down and taking the time to really feel your desire and intention when you put those words on paper. Kind of like putting together a visual board *link – you don’t just randomly cut out 100’s of photos because you like them. You are selective in choosing images that really resonate with you. So grab a journal or visual board supplies *link and get to it!



There was a point in my life in 2011 where there were unnecessary things clogging up my brain. I needed to block it out and do that in a productive way rather than watching tv. At the time, I was also looking for change. Change in my lifestyle, job/career, and where I was living. So, instead of jamming more stuff into my brain, I started to write them down (see previous tip above). This it-self needed to be done strategically. I knew I wasn’t going to get everything done in a blink of an eye (instant gratification doesn’t work work with these things), but I needed to map out various ways of achieving what I wanted without limiting myself to a timeline. We have no control over when things happen, we can take the steps to help the process flow, but then trust the rest to faith, the universe, God, whatever/whomever you want to call it.

So, each day, I made a list of 3-4 things to get done which related to working toward my bigger goals, and assigned a certain amount of time to each. This helped to keep me from feeling overwhelmed with everything (I was preparing for a move and month trip to Italy) while still feeling like I accomplished something meaningful each day and kept my mind free of the “clog.” To help me get through my daily list, I bribed myself (see next tip).



Ok, maybe not bribe, but more like reward, which depending on how you look at it, can still be a bribe.

In order to stay on track with my daily goals, I rewarded myself with things like getting to do an artsy project, watch a movie, or meeting up with a friend. They were simple things, but one’s that gave me the opportunity to take a break.



This is not a reward. This is a MUST. You have make the effort to shut your brain off and allow your entire being to just relax. Yoga, meditation, stretching, working out, and sleep are all great ways to keep your energy levels high and helping you stay refreshed, not burned out. I find that yoga and meditating are great ways to keep your mind present and from thinking about all the stuff that’s okay to let go of for a moment each day.


Are there any tips you have for better managing your time and getting stuff done? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

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Compact Living: Beautiful RV Homes

With fashion and home design trends gravitating towards a “minimalistic” look and style, it’s no surprise many of us are adopting to a more compact and simple way of living. From Capsule wardrobes, de-cluttered homes and work spaces, even the way we vacation, we are seeking a simpler way of being.

What better way to live simply and unrestricted than in the comforts of a beautiful modern RV?! It’s crazy to see what RV owners have done to revamp and make their compact space cozy, comfy, and surprisingly roomy.

I searched the web to find some of the most beautiful RV’s out there and saved them for a few idea’s I have brewing for later down the road. All-in-all, these spaces are absolutely stunning, and you’d never guess they were an RV. There are endless design elements you could use for a small bachelor apartment, boat or cabin. Be warned, you might just be influenced to pack-up and hit the road – leaving all the strings and clutter behind…


Photo | The Noshery

Meseidy of The Noshery decided to move into a vintage RV in order to save money and as a means of decluttering. But downsizing didn’t mean forgoing a few modern luxury finishes to add some pretty and style to their space.


Photo | Apartment Therapy

Jordan and Britney Griggs decided to trade in their home for a life on the road in a camper in order to pursue their careers and take a year long tour of the USA. They both “work from home” and managed to fit important elements into their camper, including a super cozy workspace for two.


Photo |

Bailey Eubanks took an old RV he bought on Craigslist and made it a DIY project which turned out to be absolutely stunning! The end product is modern but with a very cozy feel…oh and a “bumpin’ sound system.”


Photo | Little Things

This artist turned his vintage camper into a motel in the woods (he rents it out via AirBnB), in Austin, TX. Perfect for two, this camper is like a cabin on wheels with a few modern amenities such as WiFi, fully loaded, and TV.


Photo | Lynne Knowlton

Lynne Knowlton of the blog, Design The Life You Want To Live took on a DIY project of renovating an Air Stream camper from 70’s drab and stinky to something modern and chic. She rents out this sweet little camper on her 100 acre property just a few hours north of Toronto. She also has a tree house and cabin for rent as well. Her design style is immaculate and totally calls to my soul. Hands down my fave (have to admit the tree house totally upped the ante).


Photo | Mobile Home Living

This camper was used by Ellen Pompeo when she was taking breaks from shooting scenes for Grey’s Anatomy. It allowed her to retreat to a private space without giving up a bit of luxury, and without having to travel to a hotel.


Photo | Chic Street Style

When Brenna of Chic Street Style decided to spend a few years touring the US after her wedding, both her and her hubby decided to sell just about everything they had and bought themselves a lil’ fixer upper RV. After three months of renovations, they were finally ready to hit the road in style! I absolutely LOVE the pop’s of gold throughout which make it “Glam” without being overly girly.


Photo | Country Living

This has GOT to be the most cozy RV out of the bunch. Sarah Schneider revamped her Airstream trailer with some help from Anthropologie. Her camper style is very boho-chic and perfect for those of you who are in love with Wanderlust.

Have you tackled an RV camper reno? What would be your ideal camper style?

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And Then There Were Three


We’re going to be parents!!

We wasted no time at all starting a little family! Tom and I agreed not to put too much pressure and expectation on ourselves to conceive right after our wedding, so getting pregnant so quickly was a bit of a surprise.

We discussed when we would consciously start “working on it” and agreed that right after the wedding would be the best time.  We decided that I would come off of birth control in mid-August right before our wedding in September, to give my body, what we thought would be, several months to get it’s natural groove back.

I did use the P Tracker app to keep a log of my cycles and any weird things happening with my body during the “re-sync” stage. This was mainly to make sure that I was consistent and to know whether or not Tom and I would need to try alternative methods of conceiving down the road should it take longer than 6 months (according to my doctor) for anything to happen.

This little person growing in my tummy couldn’t wait very long and right after we returned from our honeymoon in October, tah-dah – I was pregnant. We confirmed all the weirdness and “something isn’t normal” feelings I had in mid-November when I took an at-home pregnancy test and saw two pink lines, confirming we were going to go from two to three, in nine months!

I don’t think it hit home for either of us. I mean, yea we saw two pink lines telling us we were pregnant, but I didn’t look it, and aside from my aches and pains, bloating, and exhaustion, I couldn’t feel anything in there. I didn’t feel pregnant other than all the symptoms I was/am experiencing. After our first ultrasound, it registered that there was definitely a little life in my tummy, but the fact that I couldn’t and still can’t feel anything still makes it feel a little unreal.

All I knew was that from when we had that two line confirmation, I needed to amp up my self-care and self-love (and so did Tom!). In the first trimester, everything we read about the first 12 weeks of pregnancy was that it’s the time of high risk for miscarriage. I knew that whatever was meant to be, would be, but I was determined to nourish myself as best as I could. This did become slightly challenging when I developed all day nausea for about 8 weeks and is now history in my 17th week. Each day gets a little easier and I can stay awake past 7:30pm.

As the days pass by and this tummy of mine is slowly growing, it’s starting to hit home. I wake up in the middle of the night a few times in the week with all kinds of things racing through my mind – will we be able to cope, will we be good parents, will our little one grow up to be someone who embraces all the best attributes one could hope for in a child they raise, like not being an a**hole, has a big heart, lots of will power, honest, determined, appreciates the gift of life, has a great set of values, and just a super cool soul? We can only try our best.

Tom and I already feel the immense support from family and friends with words of advice, encouragement and support, helpful tips, books, and pre-loved maternity and baby gear being freely passed on to us. We are both so grateful and look forward to sharing this time and adventure with you.

And in case you’re wondering, we’re NOT going to find out the sex! I’m itching to know and Tom wants a surprise – so we will wait until baby’s arrival for the big reveal.


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Our Wedding

Hard to believe it’s already been 4 months since we said I-do. It’s so true what they say – the day goes by so quickly! It’s unreal. I tried to put to use all the words of wisdom we got leading up to the day, and I’m so thankful for those tidbits of knowledge. We had the most incredible day ever and were so happy to hear our guests say it was “the best wedding I’ve ever been to – hands down.” What a compliment!

We couldn’t have re-lived the day without our beautiful photos taken by Christine Reid. Everyone loved her. She knew how to jive with us and our guests and was such a pleasure to work with. Christine was wonderful at capturing important details, including our handmade decor, candid moments, and so much emotion and personality of all our guests.

I hope you are able to enjoy our day as much as we did, at least a little, through our photos.

I was determined to have our wedding outside as planned. I put all my thoughts, wishes and hopes out there into the universe and asked for no rain during the ceremony and photos. I said  “after 7pm the weather can do whatever it wants because we will be in the tent.” It did exactly that. At 3pm the skies cleared just in time for the pre-ceremony photos, the ceremony, and remained that way until part-way through the dinner service, at which point it poured rain on and off for the evening. We were lucky it wasn’t windy and our guests loved that it added to the atmosphere.

Tom and I poured our hearts into DIY’ing almost every detail we possibly could, not only to save on costs, but to ensure it reflected us as individuals and as a couple.  If it was wood or paper – we made it! Clearly we love a good challenge.

Photo credit | Maid of Honour

We both had the most incredible day and couldn’t believe how amazingly everything worked out. The entire week called for rain on the day of, with (very) warm temperatures. We learned afterwards that there were warnings for hail and a tornado!

Photo credit | Maid of Honour

If I could relive the day (minus the planning part), I would. Over and over again.

Tent + Rentals | Encore Tents
Washroom trailer | Harris Septic
Florals | Dahlia May Flower Farm (custom made boutonnieres + bouquet. DIY centre pieces, aisle chair decor + arbour decor)
Caterer | Farm Girl Food
Cake | Dufflet
Wedding dress | Handmade by the Bride’s sister
Bride’s make-up | Mix Beauty Lab
Groom’s bow-tie + Pocket square | The Belle and The Beau
Wedding Party Shoes | ALDO (Pinterest “Inspired by I Do” contest grand prize winner)
Bridesmaid dresses | Twobirds found at LoversLand bridal store in Toronto, ON
Bride’s rhinestone belt + clutch purse |
ALDO (Pinterest “Inspired by I Do” contest grand prize winner)
Music | DJ Paul Martin
Officiant | All Seasons Weddings
Coach Bus | Tripps Unlimited

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Why It’s Rude To Ask “Are You Pregnant?”

I don’t make it a habit of publicly venting about things, but this question is starting to get under my skin. I apologize if this post comes off a bit harsh and negative.

Tom and I got married (yay!) on September 10th this fall (post and photos coming soon), and from the get go there was talk about us getting pregnant. I know this is a commonly expected occurrence to take place after a couple gets married, if they’ve chosen to follow this order of events. At first it was easy to laugh off, but now it’s just annoying. From the sneaky ways of asking, assumptions, and demanding that we “get started now.”

I’ve never asked someone “are you pregnant?” And I try not to insinuate the possibility to couples. My reasoning is simple and considers the situation of others’, not just my own.


Does the couple want to have children?

Do you know whether the couple intends on having children or whether they have changed their minds about the idea? If a couple has chosen not to have children, this could become quite annoying – to have others assume you will be having kids when you are not planning on it.


How do you know that this couple hasn’t been trying, managed to succeed, only to have miscarried? This question can be quite hurtful and bring up memories of a very tough and emotional time.

Ruining the surprise

If you’re asking someone who is pregnant but still very early on in their pregnancy, you’re putting them on the spot to either lie or tell the truth. And if someone ends up telling you they are pregnant very early on, you’ve ruined the moment for when they are ready to share their big news, especially if they haven’t told their family and close friends.

Personal dietary choices

Just because someone chooses not to drink alcohol or eat a certain food, doesn’t automatically mean they’re pregnant. Myself for example, I’m not much of a drinker and so I usually will have a cranberry and soda if I’m not feeling like a Cesar. I also stay away from certain liquors and wine since I seem to have an allergic reaction to them. Combine that with asthma, and it’s no fun. I’m also not a fan of runny eggs – so no, I don’t get excited about eggs benedict. Don’t forget, some women might actually just be bloated due to something they ate.

Bodies take time to recover

If a woman has just had a baby, chances are her body is going to take a while to recover. I don’t know what grueling workout regimes and diets celebrities put their bodies through post pregnancy, but for regular folk, it can take more than a few months for a woman’s body to return to “normal.”

Unable to have children

Assuming that all women and men are capable of having children, is ignorant. Asking if someone is pregnant who cannot have children, can be very upsetting.

Not your sex life. Not your Fertility. Not your business.

I can only speak for myself on this one, but I’d rather not get into the details of my sex life with my family, friends, co-workers, no one. No one needs to know how often we’ve been having sex and what superstitious methods we might or might not be using to conceive. At the end of the day, this topic is no one else’s business other than the couple themselves, whether they are adopting, trying to conceive naturally, using a surrogate, etc.

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