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Like the words told by the famous poet Robert Frost, “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought, and the thought has found words.” Defining poetry is unfeasible. It is the artistic expression of feelings, thoughts and emotions. Poets consider writing poetry as a voyage that they conduct to their inner selves. It helps them to discover who they actually are and grants them the chance to experience their core emotions. Poetries are authentic, and the words expressed by the poets in poetry are from the bottom of their hearts.

Writing poetry is not as simple as it seems. It requires a great level of artistic knowledge and the ability to express emotions. Poets use rhyme, rhythm, and literary devices like metaphor, simile imagery, personification, pathetic fallacy, alliteration, enjambment, juxtaposition, oxymoron etc., to enhance the poetic beauty. Using such devices will help the poets to uplift the mood of their poems and favours the readers to experience the aesthetic of verses. Poem in English provides an opportunity for readers to perceive the world from a different perspective.

Types of Poetry in the English Language

Poetry can be utilised as an excellent teaching tool to boost the imagination, visualisation, and intelligence of kids. Engaging in learning activities like writing rhyming poems for kids will help them to develop their creativity. There are numerous types of poetry in the English language, and some of the most popular types for kids are listed below.

  • Haiku poems: Haiku is a short form of poetry that originated in Japan. It consists of three lines and is usually arranged in such a way that the first line consists of 5 syllables, the second line of 7 syllables, and a final line of 5 syllables making 17 syllables in total. Haikus do not usually rhyme and are written in the present tense. They are structured in a minimalistic way and offer deep thoughts to the readers.
  • Sonnets: Sonnets are 14-line poems written in iambic pentameter. Sonnets are divided into three quatrains and a heroic couplet. They follow abab, cdcd, efef, gg rhyme schemes. It is a lyrical poem and is mainly classified into two: the English sonnet and the Italian sonnet. Sonnets are considered one of the most difficult forms of poetry, and it requires a great level of concentration to understand their true meaning of them.
  • Free verse poems: Free verse is a form of poetry that has no form, metre, or rhyme scheme. Rather than structuring the poetry in a definite manner, the poet lets the words flow free. Even though the words aren’t organised, such poetry never fails to convey powerful feelings and ideas to the readers.
  • Elegy: An elegy is a serious form of poetry that reflects upon death or loss. This type of poetry usually laments for the dead and presents themes of mourning and loss. Elegies set melancholic moods in the minds of the readers.
  • Narrative poetry: Compared to other forms of poetry, narrative poetry is a bit longer, one that tells an entire story. Such poetry consists of the usual elements of stories like characters, plot, settings, conflicts, and climax. Narrative poetry usually does not rhyme and is presented with the support of literary devices like metaphor, simile, etc.

Reading and listening to poetry offers numerous benefits to kids. It is beneficial for their academic performance and personal development. For more such learning topics and entertaining activities, visit BYJU’S website.

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