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Sore Eyes: Effective Tips to Relieve Eye Pain

Sore eyes are a common problem these days. You can say that it is not a threatening issue, but it can interfere with your daily life activities. When you feel typical irritant eyes, it may be caused by different conditions, such as exposure to the sun, excessive rubbing, contact lenses use, bath or swimming in chlorinated water, overuse of electronic screens, etc.

Such causes result in only mild symptoms of sore eyes, but it can get worse if you have severe sore eyes. Some severe sore eyes can cause some serious eye conditions, including allergies, conjunctivitis, iritis, keratitis, dehydration, dry eyes, blepharitis, uveitis, corneal abrasion, pink eyes, glaucoma, chalazion, optic neuritis, and blocked tear duct.

Eyes are the one of the most sensitive organs of our body that let us see the colors of this world. You should not take the risk for your eyes and get your eyes checked as soon as possible. Some simple home remedies can help you to deal with sore eyes, but these tips are only for mild signs.

Home Remedies to Treat Sore Eyes

Here are some best tips to get rid of irritating eyes.

  • Castor Oil 

Experts from maroof hospital say that we should not ignore the mild signs of sore eyes. People often forget about eye care, but you can go with the eye drops that contain castor oil. Studies say that castor oil deals with eye irritation. You can go to the nearby pharmacy and buy eye drops that contain castor oil. Excessive screen usage can also result in eye irritation. Now, it is your turn to keep your eye healthy.

  • Take Screen Break 

The number of eye problems has increased over the last few years. Reports have been revealed that excessive use of digital screens causes many eye issues. If you do a regular job with more than 8 hours of screen use, take a break. Your eyes also need some rest, as your body does. Greenery and other relaxing scenes can help your eyes to do work better.

  • Go With the Artificial Tears

An analysis says that people with dry eyes use artificial tears to relieve the pain. Artificial tears help in keeping the eyes lubricated and slows down the progress of the dry eyes. In fact, it protects your eyes from sore eyes. An eye drop with preservations should be used only less than four times or as your doctors suggest.

  • Choose a Suitable Eyewear 

People who do computer work for more than 8 hours should focus on their contact lenses and eyewear. There are special glasses and contact lenses available in the market that are designed for computer work. Go with specific contact lenses and eyewear to avoid eye irritation.

If you are doing computer work, go with the following tips to prevent your eyes from the cause of eyestrain. How?

Self-Care Steps for Eyes

Blink Your Eyes Often To Refresh Them 

Are you also from those people who blink less often while doing work? Yes, less eye blinking habits can cause dry eyes. Eye doctors suggest blinking your eyes more often as it helps to keep your eyes moisturized and keep your eyes refreshed.

Reduce Glare and Adjust Brightness

People who use a computer with bright lightning and glare are at high risk of developing eye strain. Turn off the extra light in your room and reduce the sunlight. Get an adjustable desk lamp to avoid eye strain.

  • Cold Compress

Cold and hot compress is effective for many physical injuries and helps in relieving the pain. Take a washcloth and place it over your closed eyes 2 to 3 times a day for at least 5 minutes. A cold compress will help you deal with swelling and pain in the eyes.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many beneficial properties, such as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Experts call it a natural healer as it also helps to alleviate sore eyes. All you need is to mix a teaspoon of fresh Aloe vera in two tablespoons of cold water and use cotton to apply it on your closed eyes for at least ten eyes.


Doctors from kulsum hospital suggest not to touch your eyes or rub them over and over again. To avoid eye allergies and sore eyes, you should drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

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