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The basics of gardening on raised beds

Even if you do not have a ton of time to devote to gardening, you can still have a very productive vegetable garden. To achieve this result, you should start with a raised garden bed. This is the shortcut to having a plentiful harvest even in your first year.

Here are the advantages of opting for raised bed garden

  • You can garden anywhere. These raised bed gardens act as assets to your current landscape.
  • You can set your plants to be close together so that every square inch of your raised bed garden is very productive. Gardening techniques are meant specifically for small spaces like vertical support or succession planting to ensure that every bit of the room gets used up.
  • Raised bed gardens allow for better water drainage and warming up of the soil. These will help you to start planting at an earlier stage.
  • The soil quality in the case of a raised bed garden depends on you. Therefore, you can start with the ideal soil even if the soil of the region you live in is not great.
  • Since the plants are very densely located, weeds hardly get any room to grow. Even if weeds make their way into your raised bed garden, removing them will be very easy.
  • It’s a lot simpler to manage and keep the bugs and insects away in the case of raised garden beds compared to the long Garden Rows. You can also cover the beds with specialized covers or row fabrics.
  • You can switch up the soil depending on the type of plant you wish to plant.
  • You will not have to bend in case of a raised garden bed as much as you will have to if you grow on normal soil. This is feasible even for people belonging to senior years.

How to choose the right kind of raised garden bed?

You can check out Vego garden planter raised beds. These raised beds are of great quality and last for a very long time. Raised beds generally range in height. The more depth you need, the more height you will need for the raised beds. More soil will also hold a higher level of moisture. Therefore, if you go for a raised bed with a good height, you will have to worry less about keeping the soil hydrated.

How many raised beds will you need?

The number of raised beds that you will need will depend on the availability of space and time. If you are trying to produce a lot of fresh vegetables, you will need at least 3 to 4 raised beds. You can either order the raised garden beds kits online or purchase them from the store. Check out the location, the sunlight availability and how many raised beds you can keep there. These factors will help you decide on the number of raised beds you will need to start your gardening and vegetable production endeavour.

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