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The Importance of Garage Doors and How to Maintain Them

In any home, the most important parts of it are those that may provide outsiders with direct access to it; this includes the front door, any open windows, the back entrance as well as the garage. While each of these entrances must be properly secured, the garage may be the most vulnerable. It is an area that may not be under constant supervision, which may make it easier to sneak into. When looking to fully secure a garage, the best tool to consider is a smart garage door. This gadget will give you complete control over who enters or leaves your garage, and notify you of any suspicious activity immediately.

A garage door is the easiest way for you to monitor a somewhat secluded part of your home. What makes it even more convenient is that you can control it through either your smartphone, or another gadget like Google Assistant voice. The following are some reasons why you should focus on strengthening your garage door, and some tips on how to maintain it.

Why Is Maintaining Your Garage Door Important?

A garage door guards one of the most vulnerable areas of your home. Due to how essential it is to your home’s safety, it needs to be well-maintained; you must inspect it regularly and fix any issues that could potentially expose your home to threats.

Quicker Operation

A garage door needs to operate quickly. Over time, as some parts get loose and others get rusty and old, your garage door may slow down in operation. This could lead to trouble, especially if you’re in a hurry. In order to avoid hassle, and even potential accidents, you need to make sure every component of the garage door which contributes to its functioning is in perfect condition.

Safer Home

An exposed garage can make your home vulnerable. By maintaining your garage door and making sure it can never malfunction, you ensure better safety for your home. Your garage should only be accessible through your personal authentication and consent. A smart garage door opener makes this possible and allows you to monitor any activity which may take place around it. Installing this gadget can come with other perks too, such as lights and motion sensors.

Better Safe than Sorry

A smart garage door opener isn’t something everyone wants to buy, simply due to the cost. To a lot of people, it may seem like a very heavy yet unnecessary purchase, since there are cheaper, low-end versions available; however, if you choose to do this, there is a chance that your device will eventually give out.

If something does go wrong, you may have to replace the door entirely, which can result in a loss of thousands of dollars. Compared to this, getting a smart garage door opener certainly seems like the safer option.

How to Maintain It

Maintaining a garage door is a fairly simple task, especially if you have a checklist to follow. You must understand all the different parts of it, how they function and what is required in order to keep them running smoothly at all times. The following are some things you can do to ensure this.

Check for Potential Damage

The first thing you must check is whether or not the door opens and closes with ease; this is also a way for you to test the garage door opener. Since all components of the garage door need to fit together perfectly, check for any loose bolts or screws. Everything must be properly connected, and in case any damage is detected, it must be tended to immediately.

Check the sensor. If it is able to detect obstructions, it means that the garage door opener is doing its job and it is perfectly safe to use.

Water damage and issues due to temperature are also to be considered. Go over the entire door once and look for any obvious issues, such as scratches or broken parts.

Check for Balance

The garage door is the biggest and heaviest piece of equipment in your home. If not held together properly, it could fall halfway through the opening, or get disconnected at a very inconvenient time – this can be a very risky situation.

In order to make sure your garage door is perfectly safe to use, check for balance by holding it halfway open while it is still connected to the motor. If it stays in place on its own, then the door is functioning properly and is safe to use.

Professional Checklist

Getting a professional to look at your garage door is always a good idea; however, if you are looking to follow a particular checklist that will put your mind at ease, there are certain things you can keep in mind.

  • The tracks, chains and rollers must all be properly lubricated.
  • Any bolts or connectors must be tightened. If left loose, it could end up hurting someone.
  • Every opener allows you to set limits for the maximum opening and closing of the door. Adjust these if required. The springs must also be adjusted.


Since a garage door makes your home more accessible, there are certain measures you should take to ensure that it is perfectly secure. Being one of the largest mechanical components of your home, there is a lot that could go wrong with it. The door should be properly oiled, with each part of it upgraded and operating as smoothly as possible; only then can a homeowner rest assured that their home is perfectly safe when it comes to the garage.

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