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The Most Common Car Shipping Myths That You Must Have Heard Nowadays

Car shipping services have been gaining popularity nowadays. But there are certain myths that are making people worried about these services and they are not ready to accept this in any manner. This may look complicated and scary, but several positive points about it will make it look a lot simpler and the safest method for you.

If you or any of your close ones are looking for shipping for vehicles then you can check out the reviews of Ship A Car. Inc.

Countless people come up with different reviews about these services due to something that they have experienced. But before you come to any conclusions, it is always better that you check for reasons why they have given such reviews.

Here are some myths that we have jotted down to make things easier for you. 

Myth 1:

What most people believe is that shipping a car is the most expensive as compared to driving the car all by yourself. But surprisingly shipping is cheaper. There are many costs that you will have to incur while driving which includes, filling up the tank, and any in-between servicing if required and there are more chances of accidents during your journey.

Myth 2: 

It is said that auto-shipping companies determine the shipping costs based on the distance to be covered. This is not the case. Firstly, the size of the vehicle will decide your amount and the type of shipping services you take. Another factor is the car starting and the arrival destination also matters, if it is away from their access point then you may need to pay extra. The pick-up date is also one factor as if you need an urgent delivery then the charges would be extra.

Myth 3:

People say that shipping companies do not ship inoperable cars. It is not the truth. For any cars which are operable or inoperable and you want to ship to any other place, you can still ask the shipping companies for the transportation of your car safely.

Myth 4:

Shipping companies do not ship vehicles of users having bad credit. This is believed by many, but the truth is your credit score has nothing to do with the shipping of your car. All that is important is that you pay the full amount for the shipping services given to you. There might be cases where you might have to pay a small amount in advance. But this is nothing to worry about as you might not have to pay for it later.

Myth 5:

Many say that you have to accept the quote, which is given to you by the first company. But this is not the case. It is always advisable that you get quotes from 2 to 3 different companies and then compare the quotes to in which one is a good deal for you. Keep in mind that the company giving you the low rate doesn’t have to be the best. You might have to check the reviews of each of the companies before you chose any of them.

There are many such myths that you might come across but you will have to separate the myth from the truth and take a decision. Call Ship A Car Inc. If you have any queries regarding the process and the rates.

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