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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping a Healthy Business Environment 

A healthy small business is like a living thing – it needs to be cared for properly to thrive. One important way to care for your company is by maintaining a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for your employees and customers. 

Keep Things Neat and Tidy

A cluttered office is an unproductive office. When desks and floors are covered in paperwork, coffee cups and equipment, it is harder for people to focus. Set up cleaning schedules so surfaces are wiped down regularly. Have ample trash cans placed around your business and empty them often. Supply each workstation with organizational tools like file folders, pen holders, and drawers so that items have designated storage spots.  

Do Regular Deep Cleaning  

While daily tidying up keeps things from getting out of hand, you periodically need a deeper level of cleaning. Every couple of months, schedule Boston commercial cleaning services to do a comprehensive cleaning. Professional cleaners like those at All Pro Cleaning Systems have industrial equipment and strong cleaning solutions that can sanitize every nook and cranny, leaving your place sparkling. They can scrub floors, shampoo carpets, dust ceiling fans – tasks your employees do not have time for.

Pay Special Attention to High-Traffic Areas  

Parts of your business will need cleaning more frequently than others because more people pass through them. Entrances/lobbies, restrooms, hallways, waiting areas, and break rooms tend to see heavy foot traffic and require extra care. Make sure that floors are mopped multiple times per week and surfaces like tabletops, counters and sinks are thoroughly disinfected daily. Supply enough paper products, hand soap and air fresheners to accommodate demand. 

Let In Fresh Air and Light  

Stale indoor air filled with dust, odors and pollutants kills creativity and productivity. Crack windows and doors open daily to ventilate your business with fresh breezes. Opening blinds and curtains also boosts mood; natural sunlight wards off lethargy that can come from working under artificial lights all day. Position workstations near windows whenever possible so that employees can enjoy outside views and daylight.  

Use Proper Lighting  

Speaking of lighting, ensure your business has sufficient wattage indoors. Dim spaces strain eyes while work areas that are too bright cause glare. Position light fixtures carefully around desks, counters, equipment, cabinets, and shelves where detailed tasks occur. LED bulbs last longer and use less energy than traditional bulbs. They also create a crisp sort of light that enhances concentration. 

Manage Pests Properly 

One unhealthy element that finds its way into many offices is pests. Bugs, rodents, and other critters can enter through the smallest crevices and be transported in via packages. Avoid pests by sealing exterior holes, clearing away trash frequently, containing food in sealed containers and not eating meals at desks. 

Monitor Noise Levels  

Loud environments impede communication and break people’s train of thought. Be mindful of volume from conversations, equipment, media, and outside noise leaking in. Use white noise machines, noise absorbent materials on walls, and noise canceling headphones to make spaces calmer so people can hear themselves think. 

Keep Equipment in Good Repair 

When devices and tools do not function properly, it throws off workflows and reduces output. Develop a regular maintenance program for having equipment inspected, serviced, and repaired by qualified technicians. Manufacturing tools need sharpening and calibration. Tech tools require software/firmware updates, data backups and part replacements. Even small things like sticky printer feeder trays can grind productivity to a halt.


Caring for the physical environment of your business takes effort but pays off through happier, healthier, and more effective employees and customers. Keeping things clean, comfortable and in working order means your company’s spaces will hum with focused positive energy.

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