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Upgrade your internet connection in 7 easy steps!

Working or studying with a slow internet connection feels like a slow death. If you’re stuck with a bad internet connection, you could either switch to another one that offers reliability such as Spectrum internet or you could speed up your existing one.  Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to tell you how to upgrade your internet connection, so you can enjoy lightning-fast internet speed.

Now that working from home and taking online classes has become the new normal, the importance of a good internet connection is undeniable in today’s time. Instead of rushing in to subscribe to a new internet plan or ISP, we suggest you try out these useful tips and tricks first! So, let’s get started.

  1. Place your router appropriately

Your router’s position matters a lot. If you stick your router in the closet believing it will work efficiently, well, we’ve got news for you. Physical obstacles and radio waves from electronic devices tend to interrupt and dampen Wi-Fi signals. By placing the router in the center of your home, in a prominent place, you’re more likely to receive fast internet speeds in every corner of the house.

Make sure your main devices – laptops, phones, consoles, etc. – are close to the router. Keep in mind that a router works better while mounted up a wall, away from concrete walls, microwaves, theatre systems, and wireless keyboards.

  1. Ethernet cable is your best friend

A cable connection works faster than a wireless one. You don’t need Wi-Fi to enjoy high internet speeds. A simple Ethernet connection does wonders in delivering fast and stable internet to your device. Whether it’s a streaming box or a gaming console, connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port provided and you’re good to go!

Instead of having multiple wires spread out on the floor, tie them up or use wall brackets to keep the cables fixed to a wall.

  1. Purchase a Wi-Fi extender

If you’re willing to spend a small amount of cash on getting your Wi-Fi fixed, we suggest you invest in a Wi-Fi extender. A Wi-Fi extender is a life-changing device that can extend Wi-Fi signals of a router. They’re super easy to set up and don’t cost a lot. When you have multiple Wi-Fi dead zones in a house, getting a Wi-Fi extender is the best decision you’ll ever make.

Wi-Fi repeaters or extenders extend wireless signals so you can connect more gadgets without needing greater bandwidth. Keep In mind, a Wi-Fi extender works better when the router is positioned in a right place.

  1. Protect your Wi-Fi

If you have an open wireless network, you’re giving hackers an open invitation to attack it. Digital security in today’s time is super important, so putting a password on your Wi-Fi is not just enough to keep hackers away, but it also prevents your neighbors from stealing any amount of bandwidth for their own entertainment. Make sure you employ an encrypted password for a secure and speedy connection.

  1. Disconnect unused devices

One of the biggest reasons your wireless network slows down is because there are multiple inactive devices connected to it. Try disconnecting devices you’re not using like gaming consoles, smart IoT devices, etc. Make sure your internet is accessible to devices that need it. Not only does this promise faster internet to connected devices, but you never have to worry about your show and games facing any interruptions.

  1. Restart your router

This is the most used trick in the book because sometimes restarting your router does help, especially when you’re facing problems daily. Rebooting router forces it to flush out any history and re-select the channel with almost zero to no interference. This automatically speeds up the network and you receive faster internet speed.

  1. Contact your ISP

If you’ve tried every trick in the book and you still encounter connectivity issues, you can always contact your internet service provider and ask them to inspect the router from up close. They can help by sending an expert over or pinpointing an issue you never knew existed. Either way, they’ll provide a better insight into the problem.

Wrap Up

Before you give up on your Wi-Fi network, practice these 7 tips and learn how to boost your Wi-Fi speed for a better internet connection. Transform your Wi-Fi experience now!

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