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Water Wave Hair: Golden Rules of Care and Styling

Water Wave Hair is the dream of many girls. Especially those who think that the owners of wavy strands wake up with perfect styling. Unfortunately, caring for wavy hair is more than just washing and drying. Below are the basic rules of grooming, as well as haircuts and  hairstyles for curly hair .

If you have wavy hair: the basics of grooming

To begin with, note that wavy hair is often much drier than straight hair. The reason is their porous structure. This means they need constant hydration and regular rest from hot appliances. To prevent your hair from tangling , electrifying and resembling a washcloth , you need to follow a few simple rules.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s natural curls.

Gentle cleansing

Above all, go for shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair. If your favorite brand does not have them in the lineup, feel free to choose products for dry hair. Wavy hair will thank you (and finally start to shine!) closure wig


“Chistaya Liniya” shampoo “Nutrition and care” SOS-effect

Editor’s advice: An excellent budget option would be the Nutrition and Care SOS Effect shampoo from the Chistaya Liniya brand. The product helps to restore curls and facilitate combing and styling of strands. It is fortunate that 80% of the shampoo is herbal decoction, which nourishes the hair and strengthens its structure. Use the shampoo in combination with the Nourishment and Care SOS-Effect Conditioning Balm with almond oil.


“Pure Line” balm for special care “Nutrition and care” SOS-effect

Nourishing masks

Be sure to moisturize the ends of your hair with a balm or oil.

Apply regenerating and nourishing masks regularly. It is good if the composition contains keratin, collagen, vitamins and natural oils. For example, wavy hair likes coconut oil , almond oil, and shea butter . Moreover, if you apply an oil mask once a week, the strands will become noticeably softer.

Dove Hair Theapy Intensive Recovery Hair Mask

Editor’s tip: Dove Intensive Recovery Balm Mask with Keratin Repair complex is suitable as an express care . In just 60 seconds, it helps to saturate strands with beneficial trace elements and repair damaged hair areas.

Comb your hair correctly

Try a wide-toothed comb and you’ll never go back to brushing.

After you have washed your hair and dried it naturally (this is the best option for curls), it’s time to comb it. For starters, choose the right comb for your hair type. Our photo instructions will help you to avoid knots and tangles .

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