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What Is Degenerative Arthritis? Its Causes And Treatments

Arthritis is used as an umbrella term for the disease of joints. Degenerative arthritis is also termed osteoarthritis. It is a form of arthritis that can develop due to the overuse of bones and aging. Sometimes it refers to the wear and tear form of arthritis.

The natural aging process often leads to degenerative arthritis. It can occur due to any injury or if you start using a particular joint excessively. Symptoms depend on the area of your body where the disease occurs. Symptoms do not occur suddenly but become worse with time.

Common symptoms are dull aching, reduced flexibility, stiffness, swelling, pain, and popping noises after bending a joint. Motion becomes decreased in degenerative arthritis. Typically, joint stiffness occurs in the early morning and after resting periods.

It lasts for half an hour. Joint pain can occur for a longer period of time too. It can become worse over time. The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease reported that degenerative arthritis affects some parts of your body.

These body parts are the lower back, knees, hips, and neck. People feel unable to do competitive activities with the progress of the condition. They cannot walk for long distances properly. Some feel issues in going up steps and holding even a coffee pot.


When the cartilage of the joint between the area of your bone becomes damaged or breaks, people get degenerative arthritis. Your body starts working to activate a repair mechanism often in order to manage this damage.

As a result, osteophytes and bone spurs grow within the area of your joint. They develop at the end of your joint and cause friction within it. Moreover, they cause pain when a person uses that specific area of the joint.

Notice your symptoms if you have the issue of degenerative arthritis. Consult your doctor as soon as possible in order to get the right treatment for you.


Healthcare professionals use different ways to treat degenerative arthritis. They can give combined treatments to some people. The main goal of the treatment is to decrease the symptoms of patients and improve their joint function. They try to prevent the progression of diseases.

Your doctor helps you to manage the symptoms of the disease and enhances your quality of life. Cooperate with your doctor in order to get timely treatment and avoid getting serious complications of the disease.


Doctors prescribe medicines in order to decrease the inflammation and pain that are associated with degenerative arthritis. If you have degenerative arthritis, your doctor can recommend oral pain relievers like ibuprofen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

A healthcare professional can also give you corticosteroid injections in order to decrease your pain and inflammation. You may be prescribed to use certain rubs, creams, and sprays that help to soothe the joint that is sore.

Physical Therapy

If you want to manage the symptoms of degenerative arthritis, combine the level of physical activity with physical therapy. People with degenerative arthritis should try to participate in the activities that have a low impact on their joints in order to prevent further damage.

Maintain your lifestyle actively if you want to improve your mood and reduce pain. Improve your functions and enhance the strength of your muscles and bones. It increases your quality of life. Try to improve your balance. It helps you to prevent a fall.

It helps people to maintain a moderate level of weight. Experts suggest people who have the issue of degenerative arthritis to maintain a moderate weight.


Some people with degenerative arthritis need surgery. The reason is extensive damage to joints. Surgery helps to remove and reshape the damaged parts. Doctors do a surgery in the form of an osteotomy.  An individual may have complete or partial replacement of the joint.

Do not ignore the symptoms if you are getting issues of degenerative arthritis. Notice your symptoms and consult your doctor on an early basis if your symptoms are getting worse. Early treatment is necessary to reduce the frequency of damage.

Doctor suggests the best treatment after a complete examination. Follow the prescription well and get regular treatment in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Certain other issues of joints may be associated with degenerative arthritis. In this case, people may face worse symptoms.

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