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What is the Best Grass For a Backyard?

The best grass for a garden can be quite a confusing topic due to all the different types available. It’s not just about being green, although this is definitely important. In fact, you might be surprised at the availability of artificial grass for your home, business, school, sports complex, and public place.

Artificial grass for backyard

The most common artificial grass used by homeowners is manufactured from polyethylene or nylon fibers woven into a pattern. The artificial grass is composed of different materials like nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene which are dyed differently in order to portray various species of grass. So, you do have many options in front of you if you are looking to install artificial grass in your yard. This is certainly one of the top choices in the instance of synthetic turf since of its durability, ease of upkeep, and its look, which are virtually identical to natural grass. In addition, it can withstand wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for public parks, commercial areas, and even golf courses.

You should also take a look at the varying features, such as the pile height, the shear line, the texture, and the pattern. Pile height refers to the surface of the artificial grass; this will affect the performance of your grass in terms of traction and water absorption. The shear line is the distance between parallel stripes on the artificial grass; this will help you determine how much sun your lawn can tolerate without getting burned, and it will also determine the thickness of the stripes. The texture will affect the amount of “bounce” back into your lawn gets from various types of athletic fields.

Your new grass looks better if you also give it a good watering. You should check out the manufacturer’s instructions when choosing the frequency of watering. If you are purchasing artificial grass at Dubai Artificial Grass, ask the association that will be installing it what the frequency of watering is. This should be done before you start digging the hole for the grass so that you don’t find out later that you need to water more than normal.

Pile height

When looking for artificial grass for your yard, you should consider its pile height. Ideally, the pile height should not be less than four inches; however, if you want your yard to look taller, this should be no taller than three inches. Artificial turf that is between three and four inches in height will make your yard look broader, but shorter pile heights make it appear shorter. Piles that are between one and two inches in height will make your yard look more uniform in appearance. For a square shape yard, it is advisable to get a shorter pile height.

Choose durable and resistant fiber

It is important to choose a fiber that is durable and resistant to adverse conditions such as moisture and sunlight. Natural fibers such as rye and wheatgrass can withstand both moisture and sunlight. However, synthetic fibers such as polyethylene and nylon do not. Polyethylene and nylon are much more durable than natural fibers. Therefore, they last a long time and do not easily break down. A quarter-inch of nylon backing is a good starting point for any new fake grass installation.

Foot Traffic

The most important factor is foot traffic in your backyard. Natural grass does not last as long as fake grass does in areas with heavy foot traffic. If you live in an area where you get little foot traffic, then natural grass would be a good choice. If you have a lot of traffic, artificial grass is recommended. Another factor that affects the longevity of artificial grass is the number of “growths” per square foot.


A long time lasting fake grass system is best suited to homes with minimal outdoor activities. In such homes, it is not practical to get synthetic fiber with large grass areas. A home depot dealer can assist you in choosing the right garden artificial grass system for your home.


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