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What Lounges Are Available At Dubai Airport?

Dubai is the center of attention of many tourists and business developers. A lot of travelers visit this city for different purposes. The number of passengers who visit Dubai has surprisingly increased in the past few years.

Everyone wants to travel with an excellent level of comfort. People pay a certain amount of money to get all the comforts during travel. One of the important parts of travel is the accessibility of lounges. Many passengers book lounges at Dubai airport.

The main international airport that is offering great services in Dubai is Dubai International Airport. When we talk about international passengers, this airport is ranked on the third number as busiest airport for the traffic of international passengers.

Different lounges are providing great services at this airport. We have mentioned these lounges below. You can choose the lounge of your choice according to your budget to avail yourself of the great services at Dubai International Airport.

Ahlan Business Class Lounge

If you want a long layover at the airport of Dubai, choose the services of this lounge. You can relax at the Business class lounge of Ahlan. It offers you great amenities. These amenities include TVs, drinks and food, magazines, and the facilities of the shower with comfort.

You will unwind in the air-conditioned space yourself or with your family. Spa service is also available if you want to pamper yourself. Don’t worry about the timing because this lounge provides you services for 24 hours. It always welcomes all the flyers.

Economy class passengers can also access this lounge. You can purchase the pass for the Ahlan lounge in advance to confirm your entry to the lounge. The good news is that you can try your luck using the membership program that the lounge offers.

Ahlan Lounge At B

Go to lounge B to get an upgrade experience. Here, you will enjoy Wi-Fi, amazing drinks and food, and the news of the day. Make yourself relax in this modern environment of the lounge of Ahlan. Travelers can access off-site showers at the hotel located near the airport.

If you want to access this lounge, you have to depart from the area of Terminal 3. Moreover, to access this lounge, the class of your flight is not necessary. Here, economy class passengers will also get the chance to hang out. 

You can use your pass provided by the lounge membership program to get the entry. A monitor is available here to provide information about your flight. 

Marhaba Loune At Terminal 1

If you want to get the facilities of the lounge in style and forget about the usual layover, choose the services of the Marhaba lounge. Use Wi-Fi, enjoy drinks and snacks or go to the cinema room. Moreover, you can read any magazine or listen to the news in a comfortable area.

The good thing about this lounge is it offers you a private wink. But you have to pay an extra fee for this facility to freshen yourself up. You can use the shower facilities also. This lounge remains open for a time duration of 24 hours. All travelers can access this lounge.

Even the flyers of economy class can get entry to this lounge. Your class of flight is not associated with the entry chances. You can book your pass online in advance to confirm your entry to the lounge. 

Furthermore, a membership program of the lounge is available to use. Another available option is paying at the door of the lounge.

Marhaba Lounge At Terminal 2

All the facilities that are available at the Maraba lounge at Terminal 1 are also accessible at Terminal 2. You can enjoy drinks and snacks with Wi-Fi here. This lounge remains open all day and night for passengers. You can book the pass for the lounge in advance to guarantee your entry.

SkyTeam Lounge

Choose the services of this lounge if you want to upgrade your experience of the airport lounge at Dubai International Airport. Here, you can do your necessary work, relax and kick back to your journey. Moreover, you can enjoy drinks and snacks. Wi-Fi is also accessible.

You can get the facilities of the shower after paying an extra fee. Anyone can use this lounge for 24 hours. Furthermore, you can choose the option of using the membership program that the lounge offers you.


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